Mohawk Girls review: Going Native

We begin  the penultimate episode of  season three with Caitlin (Heather White) and Danny (Jesse Nobess) working on Caitlin’s business plan, tossing a sprinkle of encouragement  and a dash of motivation in an attempt to get Caitlin back into  Kick Ass mode. But as we will see, encouragement and motivation are only a part of what it takes to Go Native for our Mohawk foursome.

One of the newest hurdles complicating Caitlin’s healthy lifestyle choices comes via “Mean Girl Vicki” (Rachelle White Wind). Seems Vicki has a new man in her life and she cannot wait to spill the beans to her rival. As it turns out Caitlin’s father (Lawrence Bayne) is her new Beast boyfriend (and oh my goodness, nice touch with the hickies–Priceless!). Hat tip to  T. Deer and C. Knight! I did NOT see that one coming.

Once again we turn to a scene with Anna (Maika Harper)to deliver our outsider’s cultural lesson of the week. Anna is visiting with Lollipop (Devery Jacobs) before her lecture, and learns that western  education was the tool of assimilation for her people. The schools’ curriculum, the administration, and the text books are all the instruments of the white man. The Residential School System is revisited, reminding us that the government used education as a guise to strip Indigenous people of their culture, and that many  people today are still suffering the loss of the culture that was beaten out of them in residential school. This leaves Anna with some questions about her own educational experiences.

Turning to Zoe (Brittany LeBorgne), we learn that she is suffering from a lack of her extra curricular activities and this is causing  significant distraction on her part. Zoe is clearly neglecting the fundraiser’s organization.

Meanwhile, Bailey’s (Jennifer Pudavick) 30th birthday is fast approaching and Auntie Velma (Ashley Michaels) declares “whatever she wants she may have as this is a birthday that needs ushering in”.  Bailey, always full of wanderlust, decides she wants a trip with Watio (Jimmy Blais), but under no circumstances will he travel. Watio believes that signing any piece of paper declaring he is a Canadian means he gives up his sovereign rights as a Haudenosawnee citizen. This is yet another strike in a mounting list of strikes against Watio.

To compensate, the girls decide to take Bailey away for a girls’ weekend and Anna thinks a survivalist weekend will get them all in touch with their Native heritage. The girls dive in to their weekend, each with their own level of commitment, but it is Bailey that rises to the challenges and proves she is the warrior. Along the way, Zoe’s kink tendencies prove a problem again. Additionally, Caitlin falls into the hookup trap; fine by campfire light, but by harsh morning’s light the fish prove more interesting.

For their final day, the girls decide to get naked and try some mud wraps. But this being Mohawk Girls, you know this is not about to go smoothly, and indeed some young pranksters abscond with our ladies’ clothing.  Bailey concocts a plan to create cover ups and they succeed in making their way back to camp.  Bailey proves herself to be the  survivalist and Jennifer P. totally owned her character tonight.

Once home from their weekend  reality comes crashing back.

Bailey is immediately reminded that the differences between  herself and Watio are mounting. Meanwhile, Caitlin heads to the bar where she is once again humiliated by Butterhead (Meegwun Fairbrother), and Zoe delves deeper into the BDSM lifestyle. Zoe arranges to meet another potential  master, “Hell’s Angel Biker Dom” (Marc-Andre Boulanger), but he proves to be less than dominating. And finally, Anna stands up to her  Philosophy professor (Larry Day). Anna is upset with  the lack of Aboriginal philosophers  included on his syllabus which leads her to impulsively quit, not just his class, but school altogether.

So we are left to wonder how Thunder will react to Anna quitting school. Is Caitlin going to get back on track with her healthy lifestyle choices? Can Bailey make things work with Watio? What is next for Zoe?