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Link: Women Behind Canadian TV: Sherry White

From Bridget Liszewski of The TV Junkies:

Women Behind Canadian TV: Sherry White
“I have mentored a fair number of younger women and I really believe in fresh, young voices. I know I’m not the only woman or writer that feels that way. One thing people can do is find somebody who is willing to mentor them, or work as an assistant because any kind of foot in the door is the best way to get in there. Many of our great, fantastic writers–Ley Lukins, Noelle Carbone, Katrina Saville–all began as assistants and worked their way up. I have worked with this woman Lisa Rose Snow who is my assistant, and she’s someone who would do everything from edit my scripts to run my errands, but I, over time, have really invested in her voice and she’s somebody I want to hire and want to work with. So taking those jobs that might not be an immediate start as a writer, I think still pay off if you can do a good job at them.” Continue reading.