Link: Hold Your Fire Is Finally on CBC-TV’s Firsthand

From Jim Bawden:

Hold Your Fire Is Finally on CBC-TV’s Firsthand
It’s a coincidence, of course, but CBC-TV’s new and compelling documentary on alcoholism Thursday night at 8 gets  followed by an equally compelling new documentary on Toronto police procedures titled Hold Your Fire (at 9 p.m.). Because both hours are from Bountiful Films.

In the case of Hold Your Fire the wait has been well worth it.

Hold Your Fire was originally scheduled for October 22 at 9 p.m. on CBC-TV’s Firsthand. The stark and uncompromising look at the police shooting of Sammy Yatim is must-see TV. But the trial of a Toronto police office was still ongoing in October and ever cautious CBC chose to pull it and indeed several subsequent time periods were also abandoned. Continue reading.