TV Eh B Cs podcast 40: Keeping Company with Ellis and Morgenstern

Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern

As Canadian TV creators, Stephanie Morgenstern and Mark Ellis came to prominence as the force behind CTV’s police drama Flashpoint, which premiered July 2008 on CTV and CBS, and ran for five years before the show ended in 2013. The show was awarded the Academy Board of Directors Tribute for Outstanding and Enduring Contribution to Canadian Television, in addition to a Canadian Screen Award and Gemini Award for Best Dramatic Series. They went on to create CBC’s X Company, the story of WWII spies coming out of Canada’s Camp X which premiered in 2015 and has its second season kicking off on January 27. We talk with Mark and Stephanie about the process leading to X Company and the benefits and challenges of shooting in Eastern Europe.

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One thought on “TV Eh B Cs podcast 40: Keeping Company with Ellis and Morgenstern”

  1. So enjoyed this interview with Mark and Stephiane the one of two things were answered only it wasn’t asked will us in the states get to see this great show. Loved Flashpoint and they could bring it back and would still be a Big hit. Thanks Anthony.

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