Comments and queries for the week of January 29

TV Eh B Cs podcast 40: Keeping Company with Ellis and Morgenstern

So enjoyed this interview with Mark and Stephanie. Will us in the States get to see this great show? Loved Flashpoint and they could bring it back and would still be a big hit. Thanks, Anthony. —Mary

Baby talk on Murdoch Mysteries

The baby is so adorable, I just want to reach through the TV screen and hug him. And it was great fun to see Crabtree let down his hair, so to speak. Love the inventions! —Helen

Who will win Season 3 of MasterChef Canada?

I am not convinced it’s Berg. My bet is either on Zhara or Robyn. Zara is young with a touching story and Robyn of thechewishkitchen’s plating is out of this world. —TVFoodie

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