Review: Schitt’s Creek – “The Candidate”

The quips continue fast and furious in this episode and it is laugh-out-loud funny.

Johnny is determined to run for town council, but he’s got his work cut out to convince Moira it’s a good idea. She thinks it’s beneath him. Right at the moment he tells her he has changed his mind and agrees it is beneath him, she announces she’s running. These two actors are like an old married couple. The timing and the chemistry between them is wonderful.

Before Johnny came to the decision not to run, he asks Bob and Roland for their support. Roland is heard having a personal phone conversation and as he hangs up he says, “I’m looking forward to catching up.” He tells Johnny he was just rescheduling his colonoscopy. Seriously, who thinks of these things? But it wouldn’t work with anyone other than Roland. The interaction with Bob is equally funny and unique to Bob. These are all unique, funny characters.

David really shines for me in this episode. I have always found him funny, but at times he had a tiny smirk like he was going to laugh – outside of the character of David – that I found distracting. There was none of that in this episode. His facial expressions are priceless. He doesn’t need to say much to be funny. He can say it all with a look.

Every character delivers his or her lines with precision. It is so refreshing to have this calibre of comedy on TV. It makes me proud to be Canadian. Our humour is unique … like this show and these characters.


One thought on “Review: Schitt’s Creek – “The Candidate””

  1. Yay, I liked this episode!

    I think the show works best when they let the characters go beyond their clueless rich folk schtick and let their humanity shine through. Like when you realize how sad it is that Alexis can’t fathom the idea of spending time alone with herself, then she finally does, and that small act brings a smile to David’s face when he realizes that she actually managed to not only spend the night alone, but clean up her mess as well. The characters make us laugh when they are self absorbed and ridiculous, but them make us love them when they show real human vulnerability.

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