Bitten: Which family will Elena choose?

Bitten isn’t wasting time in its last season. Where some television series would have dragged out the final showdown between Eduardo and Jeremy for at least a half-season—or even as a season-ender—this program ain’t. Sure, part of that may have to do with it being the closing episodes, but still … these wolves were running around like a pack of dogs after a favourite chew toy.

On one side was Eduardo who, instead of evading Jeremy, decided to go head-on at him. It ever-so-briefly appeared as if the plot may work—getting Bucky on-side and inside was a masterstroke—but Jeremy and Steve figured out what was going on and called Clay. That lead to one heck of a double dust-up in the living room between Bucky and Clay and Elena vs. Eduardo in the kitchen. (Note to self: cast-iron frying pans are great for cracking skulls and making griddle cakes.) Both members of our pack came out on top, with Bucky stabbed like a prize hog and Eduardo trussed like one and stored in the cage.


If that wasn’t enough, Sasha continued to leverage his way into Elena’s heart, explaining how he’d smuggled her out of the Soviet Union, pointed to her birthdate tattooed on his arm and pleaded to be part of her life. At this point, I’m as unsure of Sasha’s motives as Elena is. He’s saying all of the right things to win her over, and Jeremy’s all-or-nothing attitude is pushing her further away from him and towards the Russian with the puppy-dog eyes. Further confusing the issue? Sasha telling Elena that Roman—while we saw him Hulk out and make ground beef out of Eduardo—killed Alexei and Katia’s mother because he was hunting Sasha.

This, of course, puts Elena in one heck of a bad position. If she protects Sasha, Alexei and Katia from Roman, she threatens to piss off Jeremy … and in the mood he’s in he’s liable to give Elena an ultimatum: choose Sasha or her pack. What will she do? What would you do?

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