Vikings returns with more murder and mayhem

Like a viking raid, there was a lot going on during Vikings‘ Season 4 return on History. “A Good Treason” had a lot of ground to cover, and for the most part was successful. Season 3, of course, concluded with a grievously-injured Ragnar being transported back to Kattegat, Rollo left behind as a representative in Paris and Floki realizing Ragnar knew he murdered Athelstan.

Thursday’s return caught up with everyone an untold amount of time later, though enough time had passed that Ragnar’s sons were significantly older, Ragnar was on the mend and Rollo was wed to a very unhappy Princess Gisla. (Quick note: I appreciated seeing the symbolism surrounding the gates of Valhalla and them closing in front of Ragnar to represent him going back to the land of the living, but the scene was a little too long.)

Meanwhile, Aslaug—clearly tired of Ragnar’s ways—approached The Seer and asked if a woman will lead Kattegat after Ragnar was dead. The Seer, who loves to speak in circles, answered in the affirmative, though I doubt it’s the current Queen he was speaking of. No, my money is on Lagertha, who returned to Hedeby with her own plunder. Kalf, who is quickly becoming a favourite character of mine, announced he and Lagertha will rule the outpost together, drawing the ire of Einer, who immediately plotted to oust the shield maiden from the town for good. Unfortunately for Einer, Kalf had a backup plan and—with the help of Erlendur, who was armed with a bunch of French crossbows—eliminated the threat. (I had to turn away when Lagertha cut off Einer’s genitals. Don’t ever cross that shield maiden.)

As for Floki, he’s in tough thanks to an over-eager Bjorn, who had Ragnar’s most loyal friend and brilliant ship and siege tower builder arrested. As a convalescing Ragnar reminded his eldest son, now he has to deal with Floki sooner rather than later. Bjorn, smarting from the comment, announced his intention to go off on his own and survive, proving to Ragnar he is able to shoulder responsibility. Pair the fact Bjorn didn’t tell his father about the map of the Mediterranean and the sudden Boy Scout field trip, and I’m betting Bjorn’s next ask is to put oars in the water and lead a group in search of the sea. (Those Bjorn vs. bear images floating around the Internet suggest the ursine challenge is coming soon.)

Finally, new Canadian cast member Dianne Doan made a brief appearance, first being purchased by Aslaug and then when Ragnar noticed her in the great hall. I can’t wait to see where that storyline goes.

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    • I love the newish opening credits with flames, blood and Kattegat
    • Kattegat has expanded inland and the fleet is much larger
    • Ragnar had a right to be upset with Bjorn for leaving Rollo behind. He knows his brother will turn against him when presented with a position of power.

Vikings airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on History.