Link: Wolverine Documentary: A CBC-TV First

From Jim Bawden:

Wolverine Documentary: A CBC-TV First
I freely admit I knew next to nothing about wolverines.

And then I watched the preview tape of CBC-TV’s Nature Of Things documentary: Wolverine: Ghosts Of The Northern Forest. For the very first time anywhere wolverines are shown in their native habitat and these are not the quick, blurred  shots usually glimpsed in other documentaries. Continue reading. 


One thought on “Link: Wolverine Documentary: A CBC-TV First”

  1. I always record Nature of Things and in particular I like the wildlife docs. Ive only seen a wolverine once in the wild, while at a place called Wolverine Lake, BC (maybe 3 hours north of Prince George) and it was swimming. It took me a while to figure out what it was because it was all wet and I was looking through binoculars but after it went on land it dawned on me. I also saw a caribou swimming in the lake as well later the next day. Having spent a lot of time up in the northern forests of Western Canada, Ive seen plenty of wildlife but that remains my only Wolverine sighting and it was incredibly exciting.

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