MasterChef Canada’s first cut of the season

With just three weeks of competition completed, we’re starting to see some trends from MasterChef Canada‘s latest group of home cooks. Sean can be counted on for enthusiastic yelling, timely quips and questionable wardrobe choices. Veronica supplies the cold confidence and seemingly unshakable opinion she’s the best. Matthew is creative and can somehow keep a hat precariously perched on his head while cooking. Dr. Shawn? Well, he might be Season 3’s winner.

The Montreal native set himself apart from the pack early on Sunday night during “At Home and Abroad” by winning the Mystery Box challenge. With key ingredients from all 13 provinces and territories at their disposal, Shawn decided to create a maple syrup cream tart. Shawn has never made a tart and never baked. Usually, admitting such a thing would has assured a quick exit from MasterChef, but Shawn wowed Michael, Alvin and Claudio with it, winning the test and saving himself from the Elimination Challenge. After choosing South American cuisine (Claudio’s background) as the theme of the week, Shawn also picked Terry and Vince to accompany him in the loft and be safe for the week. Shawn explained he chose them because they seemed like nice guys and hopes they’ll help him out in the future. Mary opined it’s because their friends.

Regardless of the reason, the Elimination Challenge proved to be devastating for three cooks. (Neither Mary nor April Lee were shown during judging, so I knew they were safe from elimination.) Jennifer, David and Veronica all felt the judges’ wrath, Jennifer for frittering away an hour of her time only to present churros, David for an un-Southern empanada and Veronica for bland stuffed tortillas. Jennifer was plagued by technical difficulties and David just plain admitted he had no clue what South American food looked or tasted like. Veronica, meanwhile, was confident her plate was a winner and seemed shocked things didn’t go her way. I’m sure Veronica is a nice person and all, but at this point in the competition I’d be happy if she went home. Her confidence comes off as arrogance and a lawyer background creates an unreadable poker face. As Chef Michael pointed out, she needs to cook from the heart to advance. Luckily for Veronica, she’ll get to do that for at least another week as New Brunswick carpenter David was instructed to pack up his tools and go home.

Next week, top home cooks Michelle and Matthew will be team captains as the squads prepare a barbecue meal for hungry firemen. From the looks of things, someone’s ribs gets burned. Who do you think has the best chance of winning? Comment below or via @tv_eh on Twitter.

MasterChef Canada airs Sundays at 7 p.m. ET on CTV.


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  1. Nice article! Unfortunately another strong contender, Jacqueline, was not seen during judging either. Hopefully she’ll have more opportunity to show her stuff next week during the team challenge!

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