Review: Schitt’s Creek – “Ronnie’s Party” – Game on!

“Those two are not as simple minded as we thought.” This was Moira to Johnny after Roland and Jocelyn brought them “table scraps” from the party they hosted to raise support and funding for Jocelyn’s campaign.

Moira will not be outdone by the likes of them. She asks Ronnie if she will support her, saying, “I want you to put your weight behind me – your political weight…(awkward pause)…I now realize ‘clout’ was the word I was looking for.” It might not seem funny when you read it, but watching Moira is very funny. It’s all in the delivery. There are great lines in this show, but the delivery is what makes it.

Ronnie agrees to host a party and tells Moira she has a chance to get a key demographic on her side. For most of the evening Moira assumed the demographic was “women without husbands.” She finds out just before giving her campaign speech that the demographic is entrepreneurs. Watching her replace the word “lesbian” with “business” from her speech is entertaining.

Meanwhile, David gets stuck babysitting his boss’ stepdaughter. We see him outside the motel walking towards the office to talk to Stevie about it. He’s wearing black pants with big pink flowers. Not something you see every day. In the last episode he was wearing white gloves at work, much like someone working with priceless art would wear. It’s attention to details like these that paint a picture of the character. Subtle and brilliant.

Alexis has also joined the working force. Her start at the vet clinic was a bit rocky, but in the end she did manage to contribute. It seems that all of the Roses are stepping out and taking part in their new community.