Secrets revealed on X Company

I watch a lot of television shows. And while I enjoy every one, some are really special. X Company is one of those that strikes a cord with me emotionally every time, especially with an episode like this week’s.

“La Vérité Vous Rendra Libre,” written by Adam Barken and directed by Amanda Tapping, translates to “the truth will make you free,” and a lot of truths were uttered Wednesday night. With just three more episodes to go in Season 2, Barken’s script blew the doors off secrets kept for awhile. Perhaps the biggest of them all was the double shot of Sabine admitting to Aurora that she and Franz smothered Ulli and Aurora admitting to killing Rene (Aurora didn’t say Rene, but we all knew who she was talking about.) Alfred listening in to their confessions, in a church no less, means the Allied team is even more divided.

Now Aurora and Sabine have hopped on a train and headed to parts unknown. I’m assuming they’re going to the ocean so Sabine can bury Ulli’s bow tie. And if they are going to a beach, I’m betting it’s Dieppe, because of course it would be. Either way, Aurora has put herself in a dangerous position, betraying the team in order to get closer to Sabine and blowing their cover in Paris. And while Sabine and Franz’s relationship has been in the crapper since the tail end of Season 1, I always assumed things would work out between them. Not anymore. Franz knows Sabine told Aurora about the concert and it was he who told his wife in the first place.

As for the rest of the squad, they’re without a safe house or a camp. The guerrilla army was shattered when Martin revealed the location to the Germans—Neil’s cold killing of the young man was shocking but expected—and Miri and Neil’s relationship appears the same way. Him admitting his nightmares were tied to killing the German wasn’t what she wanted to hear, especially since Germans slaughtered her family.

Did I mention there was a lot going on in Wednesday’s episode? A planned mission to sabotage an auto plant being retrofitted to build tanks was jettisoned, and we learned Scuba Man joined the Royal Care Society so he can get into Camp X and kill Sinclair. And, thanks to the radio being shot up, Harry has no way to warn the camp of the coming attack.

Next week’s episode, “Fatherland,” is co-written by Sandra Chwialkowska and showrunners Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern and promises to be another nail biter. What do you think will happen? Will Franz turn against his wife or will he choose her over the party? Do you think Aurora and Sabine will end up in Dieppe? Comment below or via our Twitter feed @tv_eh.

X Company airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on CBC.


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  1. Really good show, awesome episode – talented cast and beautifully directed by Amanda Tapping. Can’t wait for next week.

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