Preview: Worlds collide on X Company

I’m lucky enough to be sent screeners of X Company in advance of the CBC broadcasts. That gives me the chance to watch them and work ahead on reviews or book interviews with writers, directors, cast or crew. It also affords me the opportunity to get into Twitter conversations with fellow television critics who receive the same perks I do.

The result? Social media conversations like what happened when Bridget Liszewski, A.R. Wilson and I jumped on social media to talk about Wednesday’s new episode, “Fatherland.”



Written by co-creators Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern and supervising producer Sandra Chwialkowska, Episode 8 provides the most gripping, dramatic scenes in Season 2. That’s saying something for a program that’s already featured the Fabers killing their son and Aurora taking Rene’s life. Here’s what Bridget, A.R. and I were going gaga over.


“Planes, Trains and Panic Attacks”
Chwialkowska tweeted that tongue-in-cheek alternate episode title, but she ain’t lying. The simple train ride Aurora and Sabine are taking to the coast to celebrate Ulli’s life turns into a nail-biter. Façades are shed, conversation turns truthful and innocence is lost forever. Those scenes—directed by Amanda Tapping—are so claustrophobic and full of emotion that I had to get up and walk away from the computer. Yeah, it’s that powerful. Want more proof? Take another look at that image of Aurora and Sabine.

Scuba Man makes his move
Scuba Man works his way into Camp X and sets his assassination attempt against Sinclair in motion while Harry, Neil and Alfred try desperately to warn their commanding officer. Meanwhile, Klaus is still struggling with his feelings. Should he support his Fatherland, Germany, and do all he can to win the war, or recognize Sinclair as a friend of his father? What he decides is the second-most dramatic scene of the episode.

X Company airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on CBC.