Discovery’s original special on Sea Monsters debuts March 28

From a media release:

Sightings of ‘Caddy’ in Canada and ‘Nessie’ in Scotland continue to intrigue both skeptics and believers alike. Now scientists are on a quest to separate fact from fiction as they embark on a global search for the truth about mysterious monsters lurking in the deep. Premiering Monday, March 28 at 10 p.m. ET on Discovery, SEA MONSTERS: THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE explores the most (in)famous legends of the ocean using the latest scientific technology and deep sea submersibles. During the hour-long special, viewers join the world’s leading experts as they investigate the myths and the truths behind these extraordinary creatures.

SEA MONSTERS: THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE studies unimaginable monsters in the inky depths of the ocean.


Giant Squid or Kraken?
Dr. Kat Bolstad from Auckland University of Technology dissects a Giant Squid washed up on a New Zealand beach. This animal is big and fearsome but does it have the strength or brain to live up to the legend of the mighty Kraken, feared by ancient Vikings?

‘Nessie’ and ‘Caddy’
Using the latest stealthy hydrophone technology, scientists are baffled by a recording of a mysterious ‘low growl’ while scanning the depths of Loch Ness. Could this be ‘Nessie’, the famous and elusive monster? And closer to home, an eye-witness recounts her sighting of the legendary Cadborosaurus – more affectionately known as ‘Caddy’ the Canadian sea serpent – as it swam by her waterfront home in British Columbia.

Megalodon vs. Livyatan
Two real and terrifying prehistoric creatures are brought to life using spectacular CGI. The 60-foot Megalodon shark and predatory Livyatan whale duke it out under the sea. But which beast will triumph in this ultimate battle of strength?

What are Globsters?
Viewers are presented with the truth behind the astonishing and mysterious fleshy creatures known to wash up on beaches around the world.