Murdoch Mysteries’ Season 9 end and what’s to come in Season 10

Spoiler alert! Do not read on unless you’ve watched Monday’s season finale episode of Murdoch Mysteries, entitled “Cometh the Archer.”

OK, did anyone really believe Julia would die in Monday’s season-ender? Not a chance—especially because the show was renewed for Season 10—but that was one heck of a ride? Plenty of fans, myself included, wondered who from Murdoch’s past would return to cause troubles for the pair. Turns out it was Eva Pearce, the disturbed young woman with an obsession for our favourite TV detective who not only attempted to murder Julia but kidnapped Murdoch and plotted to have his child.

Cinematic in scope, and featuring Julia on horseback and firing an arrow (who knew she could do that?!), “Cometh the Archer” concluded a season chock-full of drama and heartbreak. We chatted with MM showrunner Peter Mitchell, who took us back over the past 18 episodes and gave us a peek into what’s coming in Season 10 straight from the writers’ room.

There were a couple of cast changes this season. The first was saying goodbye to Emily Grace and welcoming Rebecca James. How did the addition of Mouna Traoré change-up things for you and the members of the writers’ room?
Peter Mitchell: I think it was fun and we sort of eased her in a bit. We gave her increasingly more stuff to do. It’s interesting, because she really has to play against type, which is something that not many of our characters have to do. Mouna the person is a lot more outgoing and vivacious than Rebecca the character. It was tricky trying to find a balance. In the upcoming season she’ll become a more dynamic personality as her confidence increases.

OK, so you’re confirming that Mouna will be back for Season 10.


Let’s talk about the other big change, adding Roland to Julia and William’s lives. He made a big impression on the fans and you’ve already stated that this is a procedural drama and not a domestic drama. In the season finale, adoption was mentioned by William; does this mean Roland is gone for good or could he return? Or are we headed for adoption?
We could be headed neither way. [Laughs.] We’re talking about that right now. It was a moving thing and a charming thing to have this baby in their lives for a while, but we haven’t really focused on that part of Season 10 yet.

How many Season 10 episodes have you written so far?
We haven’t written any so far. We’re still kicking around ideas and stories for the first half of the season.

Let’s talk about Crabtree. He’s had some bad luck in love, but things were looking up last week when he made a connection with Nina Bloom, played by Erin Agostino. Any plans to give him a more permanent love match next year?
Nina is the kind of character we always want on the show because she’s very polarizing. Half the fans love her and half the fans hate her, which means we want her! [Laughs.] As Season 10 begins, he does have a permanent partner. Whether that lasts for the length of the season, we’ll find out.

OK, let’s talk about “Cometh the Archer,” written by yourself, Simon McNabb and Jordan Christianson. How early on in the planning of this episode did you have, “Julia gets shot” written on the wall?
I think we had “Julia rides a horse” and “Julia shoots a bow and arrow” before. That was Hélène’s simple list of demands, “Can I ride a horse this year and can I shoot a bow and arrow?” Let’s come up with a scenario for that. It probably at the two-thirds mark of the season that the idea came to be of how we were roughly going to end the season.


I assumed, wrongly, that every season of Murdoch Mysteries is planned straight through with a beginning, middle and end, but that’s not the case.
I probably happens with some shows, but we have the liberty of not having to have everything approved up and down the line. They trust us. We never really consider how things will end until midway through the shooting. A season is three acts and we go into it with Act 1 and Act 2 planned and then, generally, things that happen in the first bit of the season helps inform us how we’re going to end it because things come up, you know?

Now, unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Constable Worseley! What were the circumstances surrounding Sean Harraher’s departure?
Interesting story. It was Sean to who came me and said, “Hey, could I die this year?” I said, “Yeah, sure man.” I think it adds a nice bit in the finale, a nice little scary bit, but it wasn’t a question of having to go down and tell someone who’s been an extra on the show for seven years that he’s not coming back.

You’ve directed this episode. This isn’t the first time you’ve done that, but I did notice some interesting overhead shots you used. I’m thinking of when Julia was in surgery and when Brackenreid was questioning folks at the hotel. Why did you choose that style of filming?
I’m always trying to tell a story with the minimum amount of shots because our shooting schedule is so short. This felt like a more cinematic episode and you don’t really get the shock of Julia Ogden’s operation unless you’re right over top of it. There’s blood everywhere. A bunch of the back half of the episode was going to be Murdoch lying on his back and I was committed to that type of shooting so I just tried to integrate that into the overall episode so it didn’t turn into this weird perspective change. And my friend, Gary Harvey, does such a dynamic job of directing his episodes that he kicks my ass a little bit. [Laughs.] I was like, “OK Harvey, two can play at that game!” You have the horses and the wilderness and all that scope. We were blessed with weather in that we got a bit of snow and it had a bit of a McCabe & Mrs. Miller feel to it.


A lot of fans were speculating as to who it would be from William’s past who’d return in the finale. How did you decide it would be Eva Pearce, played by Daiva Johnston?
I was really interested in the back half of the script when I was writing with the guys. It could really only be played by a female and the idea of giving a little bit of an edge with the sexual angle and that weird song she sings. We hinted at the Black Hand in the episode before but, ultimately, in terms of the love triangle of Eva mounting William and it causing Julia to wake up is a more interesting dynamic.

Where do we go from here? What can you tell me about some of the stories you’re breaking for Season 10?
I think there will be some unexpected returning characters to the show. We’re also looking at adding a couple of semi-recurring characters onto the show. We’re mining some historical figures that we want to bring in like we normally do. We’re seriously kicking around H.P. Lovecraft right now, just in time for Halloween! He’s a very interesting character who was about 15 years old at this time. I also think we’ll be dealing with the Toronto fire in some shape of form because this is the year. It’s also an Olympic year and I know somebody who is an archer and somebody who is a big soccer fan, both of which were events at the Olympics in St. Louis.

We also have to deal with some of the events from the final episode, some of them lighthearted—does Murdoch build the house this year?—and the exploration of Crabtree and his new girl and how can she possibly fit into this world? We’re also going to see Rebecca at medical school and how that works with her being a black woman there … we’ll see and learn a little bit more about her.

I’m constantly amazed by the people I work with. We’re sitting here with 12 or 13 fairly solid murder mysteries already that don’t feel like ones we’ve done before.

What did you think of Monday’s season finale? What do you want to see happen in Season 10? Comment below or via Twitter @tv_eh.


66 thoughts on “Murdoch Mysteries’ Season 9 end and what’s to come in Season 10”

  1. I would like to see a formal funeral for Constable Worseley, the officer killed while on duty. It would be interesting to see how mourning was handled back then – black wreaths on the doors, black armbands etc. In the Niagara area I know that there is a vintage horse drawn hurse.

    I hope that show runners make more use of Margaret’s character. We need more perspective and reaction about how the times affect families. Arwen is well liked by fans and deserves to become a cast regular instead of a recurring character.

    My husband is anxious to see the house construction. Can’t wait for season #10 of our favourite show! Keep up the good work from a great cast and crew!

  2. Season 9 was probably the best one so far for MM – and that’s saying something because they’ve had some really good ones. Similarly, I thought the finale was great. Exciting, comcerning – really had us on the edge of our seats. Bringing back Eva was great – I was hoping she would come back in S9 but I had given up. The black hand and the Buffalo connection leading up to the finale had us all thinking either Black Hand or Garland. Great move bring back Eva to die at the hand of Ogden – she was a great villain.

    The way they used the brain activity monitor to show the connection between William and Julia was really cool too.

    While we’ll miss Worsely, this episode was easily a favourite.

  3. This last episode was a total letdown. How cheesy! Julia is shot and in a coma and suddenly regains consciousness, gets her bow and arrow and rides out at a full gallop bleeding profusely – I can’t believe that you think your viewers are that gullible. Lets get real here. This is not believable and a total departure from the previous wonderful episodes full of science and mystery. This was a an insult to your viewers intelligence!

    1. Thanks, Melva, your frame my wife’s and my disappointment perfectly. We expected better for this episode, not “mailed in”.

      That said we have high hopes for the opener and season next year.

    2. I agree. It was totally unbelievable. I am not sure if I want to continue watching the show after this. I found that the entire season was much poorer than the previous ones.

    3. I’m in total agreement. I couldn’t believe how lame the final episode was. It’s sad to see MM descend into such contrived and silly plots. If next season is like this, I’ll be pretty disappointed.

    4. I so have to agree. We were very disappointed and couldn’t believe that the episode was totally pathetic. We love this series. It is so realistic and entertaining. What happened ???? Please return to your usual high quality for next season

    5. Exactly. I found this blog after searching to see if others were as disappointed by this ridiculous writing. It was just awful.

  4. The storyline had so much potential but turned out very disappointing. There so much material to cover that all the main parts of the plot just got glazed over. The ending was terrible. I mean Julia suddenly wakes from her coma and pulls a robin hood out of nowhere. And after fighting the bad guy to the death Murdoch barely gives her a second glance. The passion is definitely gone.

  5. Couldn’t agree more with the sentiments above. This was such a poorly done episode that it caused me to re-think whether I wanted to record the series.

    The writing was terrible, the story flow was terrible – this was very much as if a first year Media student made their very first attempt to make a show. It was THAT bad.

    What causes me great concern is that in the interview above and it’s clear that both the people responsible for this episode and the interviewer thought it was a great piece of work!

    Very much a case of ‘the Emperor has no clothes’ and when I see that even the people responsible for this ‘worst episode ever’ are very proud of it, the only conclusion I can come down to is that the end is nigh for Murdoch Mysteries.

    The interviewer and the person interviewed above might think this slipshod episode was great, but the general public that make the show possible aren’t stupid.

    If they don’t clamp down on crap like this then it’s a real indication of a disconnect between the show and the show’s customers and that can only lead to the end.

    1. I’m just getting to read the comments now, so forgive me for being late to the party. At what point did “the interviewer” call it a great piece of work? And a quick read of the interview would reveal that three people wrote the episode, including the series showrunner, who you refer to as “the person interviewed.”

      You’re certainly entitled to your opinion – that’s what makes TV a great topic of conversation – but don’t put words in people’s mouths and give the copy a read so you can identify everyone correctly.

        1. Not at all! I hate it when people are lazy and skim for facts. I fan of the show would know who the showrunner is and be able to identify him or her. I chose to address those remarks rather than whether the episode was a great piece of work or not.

          I DID like it because it was different from other episode storylines in the past and we got to see Julia defend William.

          Everyone’s allowed to have an opinion, including my Mom, who commented here as well. I don’t agree with her, but it ain’t the end of the world. ;)

          1. Just fun in’ with you. If there is sex involved there is always a segment of Murdoch fans who wierd out. Since I’ve been on the show we’ve done at least 15 eps more inplausible than this one. But if you create an adult situation or do an uncomfortable ep people go crazy and refuse to accept things that have happened in every heroic action movie since the beginning of time

  6. I, too, was disappointed in the season finale of MM. Julia went from possibly never waking up after her surgery, to not only waking up, but attending to her wound, getting dressed and riding off on a horse to save her husband, with no medical staff or members of the constabulary the wiser. How gullible do they think we are? It was the weakest episode I think I have seen thus far. Hopefully, we can look forward to better writing in Season 10. If not, I’m afraid the upcoming season will be the last for what has been one of my favourite shows.

  7. Why the big Raiders of The Lost Arch hat? Was it to symbolize Murdoch lost his hat so now Julia must wear a hat as she rides off to save him. I know this is fiction but even fiction needs to be a bit believable. Her riding the horse with bow and arrows and with a bleeding open wound needed more yelps of pain. Murdoch barely gave her a glance once she killed their foe and when she leaned on his shoulder at the end the miserable hat seemed terribly in the way and Murdoch seemed distant and disinterested … even though he did agreed the house will be built. Finally, I would have appreciated some small note of sympathy for the death of the redheaded copper.

    Something is changing with the show. Julia is almost jovial now when she sees a dead body and the lovable quirks, grand mysteries and inventions touched with realism have slipped into a comic coma.

  8. I really think this is an example of what happens when a show has been on too long. I’m sorry to say it, I wish it wasn’t true, but that’s the only conclusion I can come down to after seeing last night’s finale.

    It was slipshod and rushed all over the place. It’s as if someone tried to take a 2 hour episode and crunch it down into one hour. When I watched Eva sing that entire song (which took up a LOT of obviously precious time) I was horrified. And it was not Eva’s acting or signing that caused the horror – it was that someone used up that massive amount of time out of a 42 minute episode.

    I think that once a show gets ‘old’ the care taken with it declines and a real disconnect with the audience ensues. When I see the interview above it’s clear to me that there is a massive disconnect. This was NOT a good episode, let alone a season finale, and it was not something anyone should be proud of.

    I feel sorry for the actors. They are all very talented and they deserved much better. Particularly in the case of Eva and her song. If the episode had been properly laid out it would have been OK. In retrospect, I think this is an episode that the actors probably wish they could erase completely from existence.

    Which is sad, the series deserves much better. It’s worth much more then whoever the bonehead is that was responsible for that episode. The actors deserved better and finally, the audience deserved much better.

  9. Agreed with those that thought it was terrible and for pretty much all of the same reasons that others have mentioned. I found the episode to be cringe worthy. I quite like this show, but if this is all they can bring now (and think it is good), it really is time to retire it. RIP MM

    1. Well said. Cringe was the word I was looking for. I strongly recommended the series to my sister many times and I sure hope she doesn’t see that one – she’ll think I’m an idiot.

      I really think this is an episode the entire cast will be ashamed of. It’s very telling that the writer and the ‘critic’ in the interview above were raving about it.

      What a shame.

        1. We need to stop the raving about the raving (which is really just an effort to deflect the focus from the white elephant in the room) and bear in mind what can be done to ensure the show’s continued success so that this never, ever, happens again :)

          Just so that you know that I can give an inch… “critic” :)

          Many thanks for providing a place to express my thoughts!

    1. Well, considering you didn’t call the writer/director on any of the of issues noted above, the only conclusion I could draw is one of tacit complicity.

      “Other then that Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?”

      The episode was horrible with a capital H. As noted previously, the cringe factor was unbearable. Perhaps a better question would be why you chose to overlook the obvious and glaring flaws with respect to this interview about that specific episode?

      1. Actually the comment is coming from me (the bonehead writer/director ) and so again where did I rave about the show?

        1. I think you’re missing the point entirely but I do appreciate that you have clearly read the comments about the episode and are interested in what your customers (the audience) felt about it.

          The issue, as I see it, is that it’s sub-standard work product that really should not have been released. Most of the posts (read customers) here seem to agree with that assessment. It is very much as if someone tried to compress a 2 hour episode into 42 minutes by cutting and pasting video together willy/nilly. It’s an embarrassment to the actors (who deserve much better) and also an embarrassment to the viewers. Because it’s a Canadian show, it’s also, to some degree, a general embarrassment to the nation of Canada.

          This episode made the actors look stupid. I really felt for them. They are much, much better then that.

          This is a Canadian show and it’s historically been very, very well done. A few boring episodes but that happens on a long-running show. But this episode is unforgivable. It really is as if someone arbitrarily cut and paste a show together.

          You have a much higher duty to the actors, a responsibility to the show’s past success, to all the episodes that went before and to the people of Canada. Murdoch Mysteries really is a representation (if fictional) of Canada. It’s a truly Canadian show. Anyone watching it in another country will tend to read into it a great deal about Canadians. It will form their opinion of us in numerous and subtle ways. It is incumbent on Murdoch Mysteries then to at least maintain a level of quality consistent with how we want others to think of us.

          Unfortunately, closing off this season with that episode is going to affect the way foreign people think of Canada – and not in a positive way. Again, it’s very much as if a first-year media student strung together a bunch of goofy scenes and called it an ‘episode’. It’s as if the person responsible was rushed and had much more important things to do.

          This episode would show promise for a first-year media student (and be reviewed accordingly) but is entirely unacceptable for a professional series that’s been running for the better part of decade with a cast of accomplished actors. They deserve better. It’s one thing to make a boring episode that is essentially complete from start to finish and is logical in it’s arc, it’s a whole other thing when the continuity is goofed up, too much time is devoted to non-issues and just general filming/story errors throughout.

          That episode looked like amateur hour and it shows. It doesn’t flow properly and it’s just wrong throughout. To make matters worse, this was the season finale where you really want to nail it down perfectly. It’s on thing to have a boring episode in the middle of the run, it’s a whole other thing on a season finale. They are much more important. Crucial even. Already several folks are questioning whether they will keep watching. I am certainly one of them. This is a direct result of that one episode. This is effect of that.

          Regardless, I am encouraged that you are reading and hearing what are no doubt tough things to hear. I fully understand that as a show gets long in the tooth it’s very hard to maintain the writing and the passion for all concerned.

          I’m just glad I’m not responsible for that mess – my name is not on it….the good news is that you can bring out your ‘A’ game into the next season. To be sure, I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes or how difficult it must be to keep churning out quality material. It can’t be easy. But I really don’t want to let you off the hook for that episode. It’s an injustice to the fine actors/actresses and makes them look stupid. To me, that’s unforgivable. As a Canadian, it really does make me look stupid too. I don’t want to be ashamed of Canadians – I want to be proud of them.

          All my best to the cast & crew that suffered through that and let’s hope it never happens again!

          1. Replied to the wrong thread so here it is again. This was the highest rated show of the highest rated season of the five I have done (now the majority of the series) so I am satisfied with the result and don’t feel I have embarrassed the great nation of Canada. Watch, don’t watch. Cheers. PM

          2. I’ll give you this, I’m very impressed with your strength and also that you really did listen to my thoughts on the episode. I can’t speak intelligently as to the viewing habits or ratings other then that my fear would be that it’s possible to confuse viewing numbers with approval numbers. From the posts in this thread, I’m not the only one that thought it was a poorly executed episode on many different fronts.

            Either way, I’m glad you listened and that you replied. All the best for the new season and I will give it a try in the hopes that this finale was just an aberration to an otherwise excellent show. BTW, I looked into your history with the show on IMDB and thought that all the other ones you did were very good.

          3. Thanks. I have no real problem if some viewers dislike episodes. It’s going to happen. But I would point out the song Henry Lee was completely in keeping with the episode. It tells the tale of a young woman who believes she is the better choice for a man who has chosen another. When she learns she will never win his heart she kills him

  10. If I were to over- analyze it, I would agree with some of the comments about realism. Having said that, I really enjoyed watching it. It kept me on the edge of my seat and I enjoyed Daiva’s performance as evil Eva! Sometimes you just have to suspend disbelief and roll with it. I think that the finale achieved a number of things and I look forward to next season. Fans are a fickle bunch. We ask for a lot of contradictory things at the same time. Writers cannot please everyone, but I feel I was well entertained for an hour, as I have been all season. Thank you!

    1. Completely agree with you Denise. There is a place for science on the show, but at the same time there is also a place for a miracle. Many thanks to writers for the last episode indeed.

  11. Absolutely disgusting, a terrible way to end what had been so enjoyable. How could the writers think we are so gullible,if this is the way the show is going I won’t be watching it next season for sure!!! I felt very sorry for the actors,they must have cringed with the stupid plot.

    1. Highest rated show of the highest rated season of the five I’ve been running the show. Not embarrassed about anything and don’t feel I’ve let the nation down. Cheers PM

  12. Here’s the issue. If we look at the progression of the series, there was a fine balance between events and the character, and there was a strong emphasis on the mystery aspect of the series. The series has lapsed into more soap opera and needs to get back to its roots and focus on, as the title says, Murdoch Mysteries (stressing the mysteries). Perhaps it is time to bring in some new writers who will focus on exploring Toronto/Canada’s history in a way that was accomplished in seasons 1 -7. Without doubt, season 8 was the worst season – season 9 redeemed itself but some of the episodes remained a bit sketchy. We don’t expect a perfect season but focus on what has made this show great and listen to your audience.

    I love this show.

  13. While this episode has many quirky anomalies, consider this. Was the whole thing just the dreams of a woman in a coma? In Season 10 we could still be dealing with Julia in a coma. Perhaps Rebecca James might come to her aid with her as yet to be seen medical skills she has picked up along her way.

    1. “. . .was the whole thing just the dreams. . .” Something very similar happened between seasons of the tv show Dallas, many years ago, and that was derided by the audience. I hope MM does not take that direction. My 2 pence.

  14. Wow, this is too much. Obviously a lot of people were upset with the episode. But I wonder if they are not putting too much emphasis on what they want the show to be vs what the show actually is. Is it really credible to think Murdoch invented all those gizmos? Is it logical to think EVERYONE famous ended up in Toronto and all met with him? Is it more than a little convenient that Julia’s first husband gets murdered so she can FINALLY marry William? And really, how the heck did William survive jumping off that bridge? Perhaps we all need to realize this is not a documentary but a representation of life, an entertainment that has kept us engaged for almost ten seasons. Personally, I love the show even when the episodes don’t particularly appeal to me. It’s still Murdoch Mysteries, it’s still one of the best ensemble casts ever and it’s still the show I fell in love with on a cold January day in 2014 while channel surfing and landing on Ovation. I haven’t seen this latest episode yet, but I doubt it has more plot holes than The Murdoch Trap. And I loved that one, too!

    1. Well said, Kathleen. The show already takes liberties with history, and that is what makes it magical and entertaining. It is fiction, people……

  15. My wife and I loved the last episode. Julia bursting awake, galloping the horse thru the wilderness, dressed to hunt for her love, William, and save his life with the bow and arrows. WOW. Very stressful episode but thank the writer gods for a terrific happy ending.

  16. Oh and Murdock inventing yet another 20th century machine – an EEG – and finding Julia was still ‘in there’ — too cool !!

  17. There seem to be widely divergent opinions on this final episode!

    I think, for me anyway, the problem with the last episode is the obvious ridiculousness of the plot, e.g. things like Julia suddenly awakening, leaving the hospital (whaaaat????!!! no one there tried to stop her??!!), going to the police station (whaaaaat???!!!! no one there tried to stop her????!!!), rushing off on a horse to rescue William (whaaaaat???!!! where did she get the horse, and can we really believe that a woman bleeding from life-threatening wounds and presumably in great pain would go bouncing off into the woods on horseback by herself????? And why didn’t she ask Brackenreid and George for help since she knew where to go?????), then shooting and engaging in mortal combat with the evil woman psychopath. OK, maybe things like that could and have happened to someone in real life, but the writers really stretched credulity with the way it was all done, and both I and my husband were left shaking our heads at the end.

    I really much prefer the episodes where the lovable quirkiness of William, Julia, Brackenreid, and George underlie the plot, along with the references to Old Toronto and its history, and William’s ingenious inventions. I don’t need to be hit over the head with totally implausible plots and characters. I prefer more subtlety and quiet humour, the kind of thing that made me a fan of MM right from the beginning.

  18. I see where the disappointed critiques are coming from. However, after watching a number of episodes, I realized to get into the spirit of the show, I had to suspend all credulity at the opening theme and just go with it. Murdoch is not attempting to be scientifically, historically or psychologically accurate. It riffs off life in an artistic and fantastic way. Bisson himself says he plays Murdoch as a combination of bat man, 007 and Barney Miller. Absolutely everything about it is tongue in cheek. That’s it’s great charm!

    I haven’t yet seen the episode in question, but I have seen blaufmans screen shots. Here’s my take. Murdoch and Ogden are so attuned to each other they have some kind of lovers telepathic thingy going on. When everyone thinks Julia is brain dead, William thinks, naaaa, and sets about pseudoscientifically prove it. Lights! Then when William is kidnapped, Julia’s telepathy kicks in and to the rescue. Really? Ridiculous of course, but reality is nasty enough. When someone offers up a cool fantastic way to escape reality, embrace it. It’s ingenious, clever, funny, sexy, poignant all in one.

    Reality would spoil it. Brackenreid would have died of cirrhosis ages ago. Henry should have been fired multiple times. Crabtree would have a harem. Murdoch would have been fatally squashed along with pendrick falling from 10,000 feet, but instead they fly in pseudoscientific pressurized suits, land miraculously on the right field (how could they know exactly where they were from the air?) and their arms still function. They rescue a maiden strapped, instead of a railroad track, to a gun barrel. She’s got a steam punk hissing thing on her leg. The finale is more implausible than that?

    At the sound of the theme, insert tongue in cheek and enjoy the camp. Life’s too short to be so serious.

    1. Oh, brilliant! I love the examples you brought in to support your point! If the show has already challenged “realism”- and we enjoy that- why can we not just accept the fantasy/ metaphorical elements of this fun episode!

  19. I think there a lot of crybabies here. One has to realize that all episodes are not going to be great. But on balance the writers have done a fantastic job. You can’t hit a home run every time or in your case a goal with every shot on net. These plots are very sophisticated and intertwined. The emotional involvement of actors and its impact on viewers is something not seen that much. I am a new follower of the series as a Yank who has picked this up on Netflix. In addition the actors have done fantastically.

    I have watched the episodes that I have available to me several times. I especially liked a couple of scenes. The first is when Julia greats William after returning from Bristol. The other is the look on Julia’s face when William is greeting Anna after her supposed murder. Not a word spoken, but Ms. Joy’s facial and body language were superb. We knew exactly her feelings. I wish I could have been there listening to the discussion between Ms Joy and the director.

    I know this is heresy, but if anything ever to happen to Julia, God forbid, I think this series should bring Anna back. From Tibet is necessary!

  20. For myself and my wife, it was a great finale. For one thing, we both appreciated that there was no cliffhanger. (My wife particularly dislikes season ending cliffhangers.) For another, while it was a little more “out there” then some episodes (mostly in regards to Julia’s injuries) I absolutely loved that Julia saddled up and kicked some a**. Considering the number of episodes where she’s been forced into the “damsel in distress” role, I liked the switch.

    Anyone else here get a “Man From Snowy River” vibe from Julia’s horseback look?

  21. I personally loved the final episode and I love the show and can’t wait to see what season 10 brings Keep up the great work.

  22. Shame on the people who criticized this episode for its lack of verisimilitude. I agree with the viewer who observed that this great show is fiction and not a documentary. As in all works of fiction, some suspension of disbelief is necessary. I watched this episode and absolutely loved it. This is a wonderful show and all of the actors (especially Yannick Bisson, Hélène Joy, and Jonny Harris) are superb. The humour, smart dialogue and the perfect integration of historical fact and creative storyline are what keep the audience coming back each week. This season finale was riveting. You see the physical and emotional closeness between the two main characters and how that translates into interesting plot twists. I appreciate that Hélène is the one saving Yannick and demonstrates both physical and emotional strength. The power of the mind and the mental bond between Yannick and Hélène are repeatedly demonstrated throughout the episode. The spiritual and the unexplained have been incorporated in past episodes. I think the way that they are used in this episode just adds to the appeal of the perfect partnership between Murdoch and Dr. Ogden! To the writers of this show: Keep up the great work!

  23. I very much enjoyed the season ender and am very happy that it has been picked up for yet another season. I find the program to be most enjoyable and have followed the show for the 9 seasons it has been on.’

    I would like to see Murdoch and Julia with a child and their new home in season 10.

    Their is a lot of garbage on TV and it is refreshing to be able to sit down and watch this show.

    I think you have done a great job.

    Thank u

  24. I must say that I really enjoyed the season ender and am delighted that there will be a season 10.
    I do enjoy meeting inventors , writers, and other famous figures from the past. Meeting Tesla Alexander Graham Bell, Edison, Henry Ford and few inventors was one of my favorite episodes. James Pendrick was a brilliant character and one I look forward to seeing in Season 10. What about Pauline Johnson? She was quite a celebrity in her day and performed her poetry internationally.
    I love the elegance of speech, the incredible costumes and variety of settings that are chosen, Dawson City, Yukon being another favorite episode. Keep up the good work. Murdoch Mysteries I just love you!!!!

  25. Holy smokes! Some viewers are really tough on the writers/creators of this show. It’s a TV show that is supposed to be entertaining. Did this episode entertain me? Absolutely. Were some scenes a bit hard to believe? Yes…Hello…it’s TV! I was an avid fan of 24 and there wasn’t one minute of credulous activity in that show but it sure had me glued to the TV and never questioning Jack Bauer. If you are going to pick apart every scene and question the veracity of every second, then perhaps you should stick to the documentary channel.
    For the record Peter, I thought it was a bang up episode. It had me on the edge of my seat….eating popcorn, that afterward I had no recollection of eating. I was invested in the story to say the least!

  26. Of course the plot was ludicrous, but it reflects the trend that has been developing over the entire series – pushing the liberal/progressive philosophy. Now we see Julia as the epitome of the liberated woman – tough, capable, able to rescue the man, blah, blah, blah. But seriously, writers, she gets shot, climbs on a horse and rides off to get her hubby out of a situation he can’t handle? That’s taking your philosophy to the outer realms of ridiculous. Why not just put a big S on her chest, maker her chief of police, or better prime minister, and be done with it?

    1. Wow. Are you for real? Pushing the liberal/progressive philosophy? That is a stretch and a half. It’s a TV show, not a political campaign. It’s sad that some people feel the need to reduce everything to silly politics.

  27. Of course the plot was ludicrous, but it reflects the trend that has been developing over the entire series – pushing the liberal/progressive philosophy. Now we see Julia as the epitome of the liberated woman – tough, capable, able to rescue the man, blah, blah, blah. But seriously, writers, she gets shot, climbs on a horse and rides off to get her hubby out of a situation he can’t handle? That’s taking your philosophy to the outer realms of ridiculous. Why not just put a big S on her chest, make her chief of police, or better prime minister, and be done with it?

  28. I loved the finale. I thought Eva was great as a psychopath and it was realistic because we saw glimpses of this in the other episodes. She firmly believes William is for her and I do think she would have killed him if he had rebuffed her. As far as Julia bleeding, yeah, it was a bit much after just a couple of days but I think it also showed she would do anything for William. Mind over matter.

    I am really looking forward to Season 10!

  29. I’m really late to the party here but since I was out of the country, I have an excuse . . . having had the opportunity to work in the industry, primarily outside Canada, I’ll offer a bit of an outsider’s view…. most of the criticism of the series finale I find to be valid: too much of this hour lacked a sense of realism an authenticity. By way of one example, the buffoonery attached to the constabulary in this episode was both deplorable and unnecessary,
    Sorry, Mr Mitchell but a network’s highest rated show SHOULD have the highest rated audience for a season finale : no feather-in-your-cap there, even though you want to try and give yourself one. While on the subject, one could argue that CBC’s lack of substantial, creditable drama alternatives plays as much a part in Murdock’s success as does anything else – but – that would be mean, so I won’t pursue the matter.
    As to genuine feathers in your cap, you have developed a very loyal, enthusiastic and ‘vocal’ fan base : that means success, in any terms you wish define .

  30. Well I am thrilled with the finale. Finally got rid of Eva. Why not show Julia as the Strong Loving Resourceful wife. This was a Super season. While we are bashing the writers remember we watch this for entertainment. If I were writing I would come up with a mind blowing surgery that would fix Julia so she could carry William’s child. The time line from season five would work out for their son to be the right age in 1912. It’s fiction, fun, romantic and low and behold NO FOUL language. Not to mention the outstanding cast! & writers. Come on Season 10!!!

  31. I hope that Season 10 does bring back into William and Julia’s life a child. Dynamics changed and we saw a softer side of both when they had a family. Now, there seems to be something missing when Julia and William reverted to being a couple instead of a family.
    The finale went overboard on having Julia continue to bleed having the team, instead of just Julia, rescue William would have been more in sinc with the continuous teamwork that happens every week.

  32. I LOVE, and repeatedly re-watch, every episode of all 9 seasons!!!. Great entertainment!! Amazing cast!!! Extremely creative plots!!! (Except there was just too much of the James Gillies character for me.) There is SO much fun in this show, even in some of the seemingly minor details!! (Like Brackenreid’s barber – who gets rich by investing – being played on the show by the author of the best-selling book “The Wealthy Barber!”) But I do have one question about the show – what about Terrence Myers? I guess we are to assume his rocket ride was fatal, but sometimes I wonder ……….

  33. I find most episodes far fetched, but I watch it to be entertained and as an escape from ever day life. It was great to have Julia saving William’s life. I too would love to see them with a baby, either their own (maybe William could find the way to a miracle operation) or adopted. The dynamics with them as parents was different, which was good and it really brought out a soft side to both of them. It was great seeing William invent the baby bouncer. It’s going to be a looooong wait for series 10 here in the UK.

  34. This is not my favorite episode. (but is my favourite season) Although I liked the beginning and the end, I just didn’t like them together. I felt that I would’ve enjoyed it more if it was a longer episode or two completely different episodes. Having said that I felt that the actions of all characters were true to what I believe they would have tried (but not succeed) to do.

    I have pre- ordered and paid for Season 9 before it had aired and plan to do the same with season 10.

    Peter perhaps viewers tuned in to see if Julia died and that is why it rated so high. They could have been counted in the statistics and if they truly hated it which is more of a reflection of the episode instead of the series (good series -people watch / bad episode – people complain) Just a thought.

    My two cents worth. The temple of doom was so much worse than this episode.

  35. I just watched the finale and I liked it enough – it certainly had its fair share of excitement, and it was nice to see Julia saving the day, especially after things seemed to cool down once she found herself back in the morgue. Obviously we need a reminder now and then that Julia is epic, and the bow and arrow certainly did that! Eva is not my favourite villain – I never really liked her plot line or character, so I am glad that in this episode she is gone for good >:) I think it was very fitting for Julia to end Eva’s life, given their history.

    I thought this season was fantastic and I am so excited for season 10. I was sad to see Emily Grace go, as I loved her sense of humour & wonder, however I am really liking Rebecca James a lot! The actress who plays her is fantastic and its so nice to have a fresh character who brings a different dynamic & experience to the show. Emily Grace was great on her own, so I am glad Rebecca James doesn’t feel like just a “replacement” as some shows tend to do, and more of her own unique character that has so much to bring to Murdoch Mysteries!

    Also I can’t say I agree with the people who disliked this episode mainly because of it not being “realistic”. If Murdoch was 100% realistic, we wouldn’t have fun historical cameos, Murdoch’s inventions or any of the other great historical events that Murdoch gets wound up in. It is fictional after all! I’ve accepted long ago that ridiculous things happen in Murdoch Mysteries, and I am quite happy that they do as it adds to the charm of this show.

  36. The last episode of season 9 was shocking and scary. However, I was glad that Dr. Ogden’s character survived. I did not like the Eva Pierce’s character. She was a psycho and mentally ill. But after all this is just television, not real. I look forward to seeing season 10. It will probably show in the U.S. next year. I love all the actors that portray the characters.

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