Vikings heads to new heights

Last week, I’d reflected on how we’d never seen Ragnar Lothbrok so soundly beaten. Aided by Rollo, Count Odo and his troops not only beat back the river attack but wiped out several viking boats and countless warriors. That marine battle sequence was one of the most impressive in Vikings so far. Until this week. Yes, Thursday’s new episode, “Portage,” is the most visually stunning so far … and intense too.

Here’s what to expect on Thursday night:

Ragnar and Floki’s bromance rekindles
It’s been no secret Floki was upset about being supplanted by Athelstan. So much so he killed the Christian. But after being strung up by Ragnar and suffering the death of his daughter and near-death of wife Helga, Floki is back in Ragnar’s good graces. And not a moment too soon: the duo come up with the most technologically impressive feat ever to plot against the French. Rollo’s warning to Emperor Charles that Ragnar will return is indeed prophetic.

Viking visions
Dreams are a huge part of Vikings‘ storytelling, and Torvi has a doozy involving Erlendur and Bjorn. So far everything The Seer has told our main characters has come true; does Torvi have that same gift, or was it all a (day)dream?



Count Odo vs. Rollo
The past few weeks have been taken up by Roland and Therese plotting Odo’s demise. That all comes to a head during “Portage” and Rollo suddenly finds himself to be a very powerful man in the Emperor’s court.

King vs. Queen
Ecbert’s journey has been an interesting one this season. Whereas I miss the days when he and Ragnar hung out, got drunk and caroused, it’s been fun as heck watching him make chess moves not only around his kingdom but within his own palace. Now that Judith is more or less in his back pocket, Ecbert announces he is the king of Mercia and Wessex. That does not sit well with Kwenthrith, and we know what she gets like when she’s angry, don’t we?

Ragnar clears his head
Ragnar’s dependance on Yidu’s herbs has been sad to watch. They’ve dulled his senses and made him a weak warrior. That’s not the Ragnar I like, nor the one his people enjoy hanging around. The good news? He’s down to his last bit and will be able to work with a clear head against the French. The bad news? Yidu won’t make him any more.

Vikings airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on History.