Bitten prepares for the end

With the series finale scheduled for next Friday, April 15, Bitten‘s newest episode, “Shock the System” is definitely a shocker both literally and figuratively. Episodes of the Space original aren’t for the faint of heart normally, but this one, written by Will Zmak, is particularly brutal, boasting physical and mental stresses put on everyone.

Here’s what to expect on Friday night.

Jeremy and Roman face off
Captured by his henchmen, Jeremy and Roman finally go mano a mano, but in a very unexpected and calculated way. Zmak draws the conversation out between the two men—Roman verbally volleys, Jeremy deftly backhands and Roman delivers a forehand smash—until your fingernails are embedded in your palms. It’s then the men confront each other untethered and full of raw rage. It’s brutally beautiful scene showcasing Greg Bryk and Daniel Kash’s acting chops.


Can Konstantin be trusted?
Sure, he promised to team with Jeremy and help take down Roman, but when push comes to shove, will Konstantin really dispatch his Pops and assume control of the Russian pack?

Alexei goes rogue
Shattered by Katia’s death and seeking revenge, Alexei vows to kill Roman. Will Sasha convince him doing so would be a costly mistake?

Elena as Alpha?
Fresh off Jeremy giving her Alpha status, Elena meets with Clay, Nick and the others to discuss their next move. Elena’s proposition will take the pack in a new, uncharted direction. Her speech to the ragtag bunch—accompanied by a string soundtrack—is touching and intense and almost dethrones Jeremy and Roman for scene of the night.

Elena vs. The Albino
The scariest villain to enter the world of Bitten, The Albino continues his bloody path of destruction, targeting Elena and Clay as his next victims. I’ve seen plenty of psychological movies and dramas in my lifetime, and The Albino’s actions in “Shock the System” are truly horrifying. You’ll be disgusted, terrified and super-stressed out.

Bitten airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on Space.


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  1. Omg please tell me Elena will still have twins they deserve a happy ending God I hate the albino

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