Will Sasso’s killer Motive guest gig

My, how quickly Betty and Vega have bounced back from their lethal infection. We kid. Clearly the deadly disease that was the focus of last week’s episode is a distant memory; how else to explain Betty’s chipper demeanour and, well, lack of a fever, mottled skin and overall malaise? This week’s episode of Motive, “The Score,” catches up with the team in a main storyline boasting two major guest stars. Read on for more details.

Will Sasso is killer
Everyone knows Sasso can bring the funny, but he’s a real treat to watch in a dramatic role. Proud his daughter Sadie has gotten into college, Hank Novak is nonetheless feeling the economic pinch and seeking ways to make money quickly. How he and the victim intersect is creatively constructed by writer Damon Vignale and what appears to be the easy route to murder isn’t. But then, Motive never features an easy route.

Body by Battlestar Galactica
Dennis Heaton’s not-so secret plot to have every Battlestar Galactica star play a role in Motive checks a big box when Tahmoh Pennikett guests as a cliche-spouting smoothie (“How are your feet? I thought they might be sore after running through my dreams all night.”) named Vince Hutton who winds up dead in Squamish, B.C.


Look who’s back
Warren Christie’s name is in the opening credits (and he’s in that picture with Vega), so I’m not spoiling the fact Mark Cross returns. What I won’t ruin is why he’s shown up, and what it means for the investigation.

Partner problems
The oh-so-together Det. Paula Mazur—who made such an impression on Angie last week—shows some fractures in her façade and our fave blonde cop tries to help out.

Lucas in love?
Driven to a dating app in hopes of finding a lady, Lucas stumbles across a possible relationship with someone who really gets him. But is he wise to make a move or will it be a massive mistake? Betty’s comment to Lucas about the situation, paired with the murder, is the line of the night.

Motive airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on CTV.