Comments and queries for the week of April 15

Jennifer Valentyne exits Breakfast Television Toronto

Jennifer was and still is a fixture to all in this city. I know that most woke up to her in the morning and their mood was set by Jennifer’s laugh and her humour, while at the same time being professional at what she did for Breakfast Television. We will miss her, but I am sure that with this chapter closed for her another better opportunity will land on her door step soon. Good luck Jennifer, and thanks for being the best you could be for all these years. —Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti

All the comments from people saying they will not be watching any more is pure BS. You did not watch because of Jennifer, she was NOT what makes BT tick. You watched to get the news, bottom line, so stop it. Yes, it is sad that she lost her job but it’s sad when anyone loses their job after so many years of service. That’s life. (She just had a better job than most people.) I will still watch BT because l like the show and the morning people that run it. —Jeannie

So sorry that Jennifer will no longer be on BT. I always looked forward to her segment. Someone has made a poor decision. —Edie

So sad to hear about Jennifer’s departure. I will not continue to watch the program. I wish her all the best!!! —Janee

Could it be possible that Rogers ends up selling City and their speciality channels to offset the losses they are facing with NHL? —Karen

X Company‘s creators discuss the heartbreaking finale and look towards Season 3

This is the best show CBC has ever done: well-written, well-acted, well-directed. I am so glad that the audience learns some history mixed in with the fiction, and stunned to see a German portrayed as a genuine conflicted human being. Bravo, can’t wait for next season! —Scott

A fantastic show. I, too, waited anxiously all week for the next episode and was SO RELIEVED to hear it’s been renewed for Season 3. Great actors. Great writing. Great story. —Catharine

This is the best show CBC has ever aired. The anticipation from week to week was high. The actors are so outstanding and the writing is good, the hour seemed to go too fast. I’ve been to the beaches in Dieppe and spoke with many of the survivors so it really hits home with me. —Robyn

The finest Canadian show I have ever watched. Bravo! The acting was superb, the writing (for both seasons) exceptional. Each episode a hand wringer until the very end. It was hard waiting for the next episode every week. Bring on Season 3, we’re all waiting. —Ann

Very sad that Tom has died. Someone was obviously going to die knowing what happened at Dieppe. The trailer pretty much sold it out as Tom due to his absence in the safe house and warnings from Neil, but the exit was quite spectacular! Can’t wait ’til next year for S3. :) —Emily

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  1. Karen

    No they won’t sell the channels they likely are going to make massive firings at the end of the season on Sportsnet.

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