Jennifer Valentyne exits Breakfast Television Toronto

Rogers couldn’t have picked a worse day to announce Jennifer Valentyne has left Breakfast Television Toronto. While many fans assumed it was an April Fool’s Day prank done in poor taste, the reality is Valentyne is gone. TV, Eh? received the following statement on Friday:

“I can confirm that Jennifer Valentyne is no longer with Breakfast Television. This move is a result of a larger BT strategy in which the Live Eyes in each market have been eliminated and replaced to give viewers more of what they want with local news and information. As a result of the position being eliminated, we explored other on-air TV opportunities for Jennifer within the organization, but were unable to find a position which she considered comparable. We truly value the contribution Jennifer made to BT over the years and we wish her all the best as she moves on to her next venture.”

Earlier in the day, BT Toronto co-hosts Kevin Frankish and Dina Pugliese took to Twitter to share the sad news.





Early Friday evening, Valentyne took to Facebook to leave a message for fans:

“I am sorry to say that the news is true. I’m sad that Breakfast Television’s decision to go in a different direction has meant that I will no longer be on the show. I want to thank you so much for your outpouring of love and support. I have read the comments on the BT Facebook page and I’m overwhelmed with emotion. You never really know how people feel about you. I know now and it’s giving me comfort and strength. I am very fortunate to have been part of your lives for 23 years. I don’t know what the future holds but I will keep you posted. I love you all.
Jenn xo”

Valentyne began her career in 1987 when she began working at Citytv as an intern. Upon graduating from Centennial College’s Broadcasting program she worked as a graphics operator at MuchMusic, then as an on-air promotions creator for MuchMusic and Citytv before joining Breakfast Television.

The news comes just days after Jody Vance exited Breakfast Television Vancouver.


233 thoughts on “Jennifer Valentyne exits Breakfast Television Toronto”

  1. That sucks, but it comes as no surprise! City has never been the same since the corporate giant swallowed it up.

    Best of luck to Jennifer, she’ll be better off outa there!

    1. I am sorry to hear this. It sucks when ass holes make stupid decisions. There loss. You just lost me as a viewer.

      1. I agree….their time to let her go and my time to find another morning show….they are becoming too full of ‘themselves’ !! Good Luck Jennifer…they didn’t deserve you!!

    2. This really sucks we should all boycot citytv how mean is this her smile and laughter made us viewers smile and start our day this truly sucks bad taste on April fools day how cruel shame on you all.

      1. I’m done with BT television. You’re gonna lose alot of viewers. Shame on all your corporate greed ! You’re better off Jen.💕

      2. we never ever look at Breakfast TV morning show after what they did to Jennifer…she should have been given that Tracy Moores how …she’s unbelievably annoying

    3. BT is going to lose a lot of viewers. I know that the news is an important part of our day so that is exactly why watching Jen was so important to me. She made me smile everyday! I will miss you Jen and I will miss BT, sure I will still watch but now like I do now…..which is everyday! Signed BT fan.

      1. I am definitely not watching bt anymore I think that was cruel your job is never secured in which field you are in good luck Jen I had my pic taken with you and dina and frank in niagara falls yesrs back you are full of life and I wish u well in your future endovers and my mom also not watching anymore

      2. Jennifer was the sweetest person who always was up beat “exactly what some people liked to wake up to.” Should have fired Kevin, he does nothing but play with his stupid phone on the air!

      3. This news was a real shocker. I will miss the segments with Jen as she made them fun and made the viewers happy. I’m sure she will go on to bigger and better things.

    4. I dont watch alot of television cause I am too busy with my music label however in the morning I watch Jennifer as she is ” high octane adrenalin” , always smiling whether in Florida or in a garment factory.

      What Rogers should do is CUT the $1 million clothing allowance of Suzanne Rogers and keep people employed.

      My feeling personally is boycott BT Television and Boycott Rogers and its advertisers. If Frankie , and Diana could afford to do it, they should resign.

      This is another example of a corporation who doesnt care about its employees and you wonder over the last 20 years why the employees dont care about their bosses or the shareholders.

      Maybe its time to cut some of the senior executives making huge dollars and for doing nothing.

    5. Well! No reason to watch BT in the morning before going to work anymore. Best part of my day was watching happy go lucky Jennifer.
      Jenn, you can do better then BT! Take some time off and relax…you deserve it!

      Best of luck!

    6. It just proves that after 23 years of hard work, dedication and service; these corporate giants just chew you up and spit you out… Just get treated like you’re another number. How Disgusting!

    7. I couldn’t of said it better myself,I no longer enjoy the show 2 much talking,jenn was the heart of the show! We’ll miss ya jenn!

    8. Its May and i kept thinking- is Jennifer on holidays, did somebody die and she is on leave. Somebody actually did die and that is the Breakfast TV! She made everyone laugh, kept the show light in a world filled with the same news owned by the same old guys! Everything the same, i thought it was a community show! Kevin and Dina better watch out, reign in your personalities as the big guy is on watch. But my guess is alot of us viewers will be the ones not watching…

  2. Finally! Those live eye spots are the worst part of the show! Even worse then all those cringe worth puns from Dina. Maybe if we are good they’ll get rid of her next April Fools day!

    1. Agree 100% i found this slot to be a repeat every year. Dina just a repeat about her Bum knee 6 years later .

      1. Amen to that. I will not miss Jennifer’s screaming at everyone all morning. What is wrong with all these viewers? She was terrible and annoying, frankly the whole cast are terrible and annoying. The calibre of talent is subpar. Rogers should eliminate the whole lot of them.

        1. you are so so wrong..she was the sunshine in that show..places she went and things she did broke up all the bad news we hear 24-7 need something besides that all day..she started the day off with smiles and laughter

        2. Yes Amen every time she came on I had to put my hands over my ears or shut it off and over the years the screaming got worse I use to watch BT every day but in the last 6 years I cannot stand it for more then 5 Min! Time for a complete change

    2. I’ve never warmed up to Dina – i feel that she is always trying too hard to fit in with the gang. I always change the channel when she’s hosting a segment.

      1. I always change the channel to @ 7:00am when Dina comes on!!! Can’t stand her!!! Stupid blond..

    3. dina is a rude loudmouth. i stopped watching b.t. because i got tired of watching people trying to talk and have their conversations interrupted every few minutes or so because dina just wont shut her mouth long enough to let the person/s finish what they are saying. it must be totally frustrating. maybe they will get rid of her next, and retire kevin. neither of them would probably be missed.

      1. Don’t mind Dina but I totally agree about her being rude and interrupting people all the time. It is very annoying. I’m surprised someone hasn’t walked off the show yet. I know people who interrupt constantly like she does and I avoid them.

      2. Is this about Dina or Jennifer? It is a sad issue but, you and the rest of the people that want to boycott BT, need to check your heads. This is happening all over. Change is something no one likes but, that is just how life goes. Putting down the other people at BT does not change anything. I liked Jen as well but, she was not the only reason I watched the show. I bet that Jen would tell everyone to take the high road and certainly would not approve of the nasty remarks that everyone is posting. Good Luck Jen, I will miss you but, you are so talented and already have another job in the works. Hugs!!

      1. Been thinking of a change to watch Liza Fromer On Globels Moring show.
        This dumb descission just gave me the push I neede
        Goodbye BT

        1. I agree. Dina is a loud mouth interupting all the time. I will be watching Liza on Global from now on. Shame on Rogers for letting Jennifer go, she was the best on the show.

          1. ya she has a stupid comment about everything. god some days she drives me nuts with all her stupid jokes and antics

    4. I thought I was the only one who felt that way. Hears looking forward to next April 1st and the hopes of finally being ride of the ” dumb one. Can’t believe some of the stupidity that comes out of her mouth !

  3. “As a result of the position being eliminated, we explored other on-air TV opportunities for Jennifer within the organization, but were unable to find a position which she considered comparable.”

    Love how Rogers makes this her fault. LISTEN! If we wanted just news and information we would watch the news. This was breakfast entertainment. Big mistake Rogers. Big.

    The Rogers culture seems toxic. Some organizations never learn.

  4. Jennifer Valentyne will be greatly missed by the majority of BT viewers … I can just imagine the NOT”comparable” position she was offered by the pinhead that made that decision- Who are you kidding????
    She will land on her feet and take her loyal viewers with her!

  5. I am very sad and broken up on the leaving of Jennifer also Gord ! I wish her continued success ,there are some that we could do without not to mention names ! Kevin ,Frank,Dina,Melanie ,Tracey Sutherland, Russ, also the floor crew had made of the most popular morning show .Since Rogers took over seems all the good people are going or gone which is so sad, this show was my TV family and made my day when things were bad .There was nothing shown or anything for the viewers not only did we lose a friend but a Family member !!All the best to my sister Jennifer !!

  6. I love the corporate speak. They just want to eliminate positions. Profit over content everytime. Rogers sucks as a corporation, always has.

  7. I have been in Canada for 27 yrs and started watching breakfast tv when she first started on the live eye. and have loved watching how brave she was in every venture and she will be greatly missed on the show. Best of luck Jen. I am not that fussed on Dina but Jennifer was my favourite,

  8. Rogers should fire the pinheads that make these stupid decisions. Get rid of the good people and keep the pinheads. That is a BIG BONEHEAD MOVE. Wouldn’t be surprised if BT loses alot of their viewers. Gonna miss you Jenn.

    1. I agree and have planned to start watching GLOBAL as on Monday. Bye, Bye, BT!

  9. I just got a call from my daughter to tell me about Jennifer leaving, has everyone at Rogers gone crazy? We couldn’t believe it !!!!! She was the one who started our day off with a smile. I’ve never seen anyone so courageous she did everything that was asked by you. I don’t know how she did half the things she did and all with a smile on her face. . She was the reason we watched btv. Who the heck figured out that we wanted more news. We get enough bad news every day . We want to start the day with a smile instead of stress about another terrible thing that is happening in our world today. Who are you talking to that wants more news anyway? You’ve really done it this time!!!why couldn’t you just leave the best morning show in Toronto alone. When you take Jennifer away you affect the whole show . Don’t be stupid bring her back now before she gets another show and tells you to jump in the lake.

  10. That sucks,will miss her. Rogers sucks,they did it to Ottawa’s carrol Ann cjoh news.

  11. Will no longer watch BT. Stupid decision . Me thinks Kevin had something to do with this. Shame on him.

    1. i know someone who knows someone and they told me yrs. ago that kevin is the big cheese at b.t. what kevin wants, kevin gets.. beware

    2. I don’t think Kevin had a say in this. They were tight….he even had a role in her wedding.

  12. Bad move Rogers!!! Jen was a real person who real people could identify with. Not plastic and all primped up like most news shows. If you needed to lose the live eye then you should have found another spot for her that was at least comparable. Jen look at this as an opportunity. All the best.

  13. Sorry that Jennifer is leaving …but when one door closes another one opens.

    I watch this show every morning and I know they used to use teleprompters…….I find it totally rude to watch everyone fiddling with their darn I phones. If I wanted to be on the computer I could make that happen….It is not entertaining at all. I just may give up t.v soon and get my news from the net.

  14. This is very sad news indeed. I always loved seeing what Jennifer would be getting up to every morning. She’s a gem and some other company will benefit from this. Her loyal fans will follow her. It’s also going to impact the small businesses that have the opportunity to promote their companies. For some of them this is the difference between being succesfful or not. I’m tempted to stop watching BT altogether but there are so many great personalities that make my day that I can’t do that yet. If any more of them have their “positions eliminated” I won’t think twice about switching morning shows. It sure makes you wonder about what really prompted Gord Martineau to leave.

    1. Too bad they kept Dina and Winston. Jenn may have been annoying but Dina has nothing t
      o offer and Winston is so lacking in personality! Frank is the only one that’s salvageable – at least he’s genuine.

      1. I couldnt agree more jenn was always happy & no BS. Dina & Winston truly have nothing productive to offer BT.

  15. So sad Jennifer will no longer be a part of my morning, will miss her. I wish her the best of luck going forward.

  16. Jenn you will be missed big time. Sorry but the people they should be getting rid of are sitting on the couch. You made my day in so many ways and it’s their loss. You will get something bigger and better because you are you, special. I will no longer watch BT those days are over. I remember seeing you at Glencarin and Yonge (a long time ago) early in the morning, you were putting your makeup on in the side mirror of the City truck early in the morning and it was freezing out, you were smiling, I’ll never forget it. I wish you the best and please let us all know how you are doing because we CARE. Hang in and keep smiling! XOX

  17. Wait…they got rid of Jenn Valentyne…yet keep the chinese “entertainment reporter”, who I find to be far less entertaining, and far more annoying than Jenn?! This is so stupid in my opinion. Just look at some of the misfits Rogers has hired..especially within the last 5 years. Smh 😒

    1. What about the addition of Tammy, not a good fit, her voice makes me hit the mute button

  18. Jenn will show up at one of the competition channel.

    Remember to sign up at and show your support!!

    1. Jennifer will do great. Rogers should remember the Erin Davis fiasco at CHFI. I’m sure they won’t make that mistake again.

  19. Sure, viewers want more doom and gloom news stories to start their day instead of watching someone upbeat and positive like Jen, showing the good things that are going on in the city. Well if that was truly the case, we’d be watching the CBC News Channel instead of BT. But then again, this is yet another dumbass move from the twits at Rogers Corp, who have a long history of screwing things up that aren’t broke. The same company that thought George Strombolpolus would be a better host for Hockey Night in Canada than Ron McLean. But the reality is that George should stick to his one on one interviews because on HNIC, he looks and acts so out if place, it’s a joke. A guy in his 40’s who pranced around pretending to be in his 20’s, who can’t even tie a tie, comb his hair and couldn’t pick out a normal suit that actually matches his shirt to save his life. I change channels between periods now, (take note Rogers advertisers).
    Maybe we should start a campaign to boycott BT sponsors. After all, that’s how Rogers makes their money and that’s the only thing they understand. Who knows, maybe Global will pick Jen up.

    1. Well said I couldn’t agree more!! I really hope this hurts Rogers.. I stopped watching BT television when Lisa fromer left on maternity.. And she never returned.. She is now on global and I watch her and I don’t watch George on HNIC.. Or Dina .. Jenn should have taken her job.. They suck just like Rogers!! Good luck Jenn you deserve better anyway!!

  20. Can’t stand Jen, but 23 yrs with BT & Dina keeps her job, a lot less time then Jen, what’s wrong with this picture

  21. Rogers has been cutting employees for the past ten weeks I’ve heard. The place is a mess. Boycott!!!

  22. Very sad to see her leave the show .Jennifer was a natural and very real with all people so sad to see someone with that kind of talent be treated that way . The show will suffer for it . My daughterwas going into the same career path she meet Jennifer and she was so down to earth and had time to talk with her unlike other people there at Bt She will have no problem getting another job Global BT just lost their Star. Very Sad No Longer interested in Breakfast Television DONE !

  23. Well next should be Dina. Show really needs a redo. I’d say fire them all and find some real professionals !!

  24. Its unfortunate that these corporations have such poor treatment of employees. I would axe Dini before Jennifer. She has sucha dumb girl act to her. Cp24 for me now!

  25. As usual Roger does stupid moves again. As everyone said… Jennifer was a long time member of the BT family. Always made us smile. We don’t want to see more depressing news, she made us forget momentarily about all the bad crap. I hope she finds something bigger and better. Goodbye BT, you have just lost another viewer!!

  26. OMG…just found out thru FB over here in Tokyo that Jen is disappointing..I learned so much thru her Live segments..Toronto is losing a HUGE link to its hidden treasures..SHAME.

  27. This is what happens when Rogers cannot see past their short term profits, buys up all Canadian NHL rights for 12 years for $5.2b yet now finds out they would never recoup those costs, adding insult to injury there are no Canadian NHL teams in the playoffs this year. Good on you Rogers, or should I say, Robbers! Continuing to purge at Citytv isn’t going to help save your face to shareholders…

    1. You’re bang on Spike. Short term profits over competent people is a myopic shortsighted plan. It’s one of the several reasons Rogers will continue to struggle and lose quality people like Jennifer. I’m sure hockey viewers have been dwindling for years in Canada and Rogers aggressively shoving it down our throats on every channel is annoying. Who asked for this much hockey anyways? Unfortunately they’ll just continue cutting more people to offset their ignorance and profit loses

      1. Thisis what happens when men hold all the sr roles at Rogers…”.how can we stay relevant and appeal to our target daytime demo of women??? Hockey!!!!”

  28. Jenn was and is amazing. She never complained about anything. Always happy and living. You don’t get that from many people anymore. She is a truely nice,kindhearted, and genuine person. She will be missed. Live eye gave you a break from the crazy news .

  29. BT is my have my coffee and wake up show and has been for many years, even when I was still working. I learned a lot about different places in Ontario from Jenn and looked forward to where she would be next. You will be missed, Jenn, but not forgotten.

  30. I will no longer being watching BT. I enjoyed that part of BT. Should have let Dana go all she does is interrupt and talk over people. Jen would have made a good replacement. With so many people saying they liked this part of the show I don’t understand. Jen nothing but the best wished for you.

  31. To clarify my post above. Rogers isn’t losing profits. They’re not making enough billions to satisfy the shareholders so senior leaders their have no innovation or ideas other than to cut everyone. Corporations like Rogers suck

    1. So to clarify, if we ever do get actual competition in mobile services, Rogers is finished. Adapt or die. Traditional TV is on its way out.

  32. Another screwup from Rogers first the nhl can’t watch a hockey game on tv anymore blackout in effect
    Now can’t watch a morning show with one half decent person well will put my own blackout in effect

  33. I watch bt for the weather and to see where Jen will be for the morning. No reason to watch now. Hello GMA

  34. Bet that little weirdo Winston still has his job, R.I.P. Breakfast Television ! Rogers sucks !

  35. So happy to hear this! Its just been horrible T.V. Painful to listen to Jenn and Dina, my god, the stupid crap she says. Winston has no value to the show either… they should all go! News and important information only please. Its not a variety show! I haven’t watched in years because of the constant idoicy of the program.

    Does Rogers own CP24? Thats another station that needs a major cleanup…the kids on the weekend!! Oh so painful to watch!

    I catch my news on the internet now!

    1. Oh Karen…..So well said
      Finally………I have been waiting for this day……one more to go.
      That screeching voice of Jennifer, and the stupidity that falls out of Dina’s ever running mouth. I will be so happy with watching BT if that stupid one is next. Honestly with all the interruptions and cutting people off with her stupidity I am surprised she is still there ! Have to say I really don’t mind Winston though.

      1. Agree , Agree with Donna get rid of some more , clean up time Dina should go , Kevin should leave the I phone alone on live tv.

        Good Luck BT.

  36. Rogers have a long standing history of stupidity. In 2003 they fired Erin Davis from the morning show on CHFI. I tossed my Rogers pay-as-you-go cell, cancelled my Rogers cable subscription, retired from my job and boycotted all Rogers radio stations. I was broken hearted. They’ve since re-hired her but too late for my long commute which ended when she left.
    I never watched BT, still sleeping when it’s shows, but I can certainly related to all the emotions expressed in these comments.

  37. This is hohorrible news for all BT fans, myself included.
    Jenn has shown us places and events throughout this wonderful city on a daily basis.
    Her professional career and love of life for Toronto will be sorely missed.

    We love you Jenn and wish you all the best. It’s not over yet, we’ll see you soon on your new adventure in television.

    Shame on Rogers. You’ve lost an irreplaceable Gem.

    Don Mullett.

  38. This is another nail in the coffin for BT and CITY TV every since Rogers bought them. I have been loosing interested in BT over the past year as I’ve see more joking/playing around instead of bring us the news from 5:30-6:55 (just before they bring the “princess” into the mix – and then it just falls apart, imo.

  39. I do not want her to leave the show @ all. I like watching her do the live eye 5 days a week. Please make her stay on the show. I love her very much. She is so sweet & pretty. The show will not be the same without her.

  40. Going to miss her! They have made a big mistake! Get rid of Tracy Moore and put Jenn in her spot! At least Jenn doesn’t act like she knows NOTHING at all!

    1. Typical move by Rogers – Jenn was the best “human interest” person on Can.TV – she brought interests into our homes that we would never have known about and took part in activity that stunt people get well paid for!! We got rid of Rogers in our home they can’t deliver reliable service.

    2. I agree tracy moore got the job jenn should have had. Dino needs to go she thinks shes johnny carson (when was the last time she worked a full week) I bet jenn ends up at CP24 bell will take advantage of robbers mistakes. Am sure robbers was pissed giving away the free advertising they were giving on the live eye segments. None of the talk shows were allowed either hosts or guessed to have a timmys cup on there desk until timmys started to advertise with them again. with robbers its all about money they could care less about viewers or fans. please try and boycott all things robbers

  41. Jen ! You were annoying as hell, but I always watched you, I don’t know why and now I probably will never know….

  42. Jenn was there when I shaved my head to raise money for my music room which teaches kids with disabilities. And now my CD is ready to be sold. Jenn: I promised you a copy so you can hear the wonderful inspirational music we wrote. Please tell me where you are so I can mail you our CD. And thank you for being there for me on my special day.

    1. Jenn you were the best! hope to see you on another morning show , Note to the CEO of Rogers, my family and friends hope you too enjoy your bonus .

  43. Mixed feelings. I stopped watching BT years ago – I got tired of listening to Kevin, Jenn & Frank go on and on about how expensive it was to put their kids into sports, dancing, ice skating and such…while the rest of us work hard for our money – sometimes more than 40 hours a week and they are on the air for a few hours bragging…it didn’t sit too good. Also, when they would have live-eye segments at someone’s home who had won a mini-makeover, I found it rude to see live on TV, Jenn going through people’s cupboards, helping herself to tea and whatever. Same at local events/shows, saying that she “wants this”, “wants that”, opening jars, food packages, and more…you just don’t do that. I find them all a little obnoxious, too full of themselves…so this should be a warning – it can be like working for Donald Trump – You’re Fired!!!

  44. Jenn, I want to wish you all the best, I know you will land on your feet, I will definitely miss your smile and energy. You kept me watching BT, but I get where Rogers is coming from it was getting repetitive and has run its course, but I think someone who has spent 23 years with a company
    deserves better treatment. I think they could have cut a lot more people before you, too many people sitting at the glass table and all talking at the same time, very annoying and hard to listen to. Someone has to shut Dina up! And get rid of Kevin he is so annoying and control freak. Love Frank he is so genuine like you. Sorry this had to end like this, but I know we will see you again soon on TV, all the best…..big fan!

  45. I’m fuming over this! How could you do this after you just hired someone to assist Kevin and Dina with the news? Why would you not offer that position to Jennifer? She has worked there for 23 years….doesn’t that say something? I refuse now to turn on breakfast television in the morning. Jenn I wish you all the best in the future, I hope to see television come to life again with your smile. We will truly miss you!

    1. Lynn……….Jenn was getting wayyyyy to full of herself, they had to get rid of her not place her somewhere else !
      Next……dispose of Dina please,…..and soon !

  46. Lol… “Give more of what viewers want”? Wow… The way the show was and how it came across to most people as fun, funny and how you got the obvious sense that everyone on that show were friends, is what gave it its appeal and personally what kept me watching. So conforming with and doing what every other breakfast television production is doing is the answer? Jennifer is yet another victim of the good ol Corporate restructuring process. Everything needs to change eventually but I honestly believe that this show was not broke so why fix it? Jennifer, you were a fixture, you were fun, caring, thoughtful and professional. rediculous desicions such as this one are made everyday in the corporate world and the fact of the matter is that the show will inevitably go on. Only not with me watching. (Respect to Kevin and Frankie)

  47. rogers is likely taking a beating on the nhl deal and cutting costs wherever possible. Too bad Zneimer couldn’t buy city tv back

    1. Now there’s a smart man Moses Zneimer, just watched his programing with Conrad Black., as for Jenn, will miss you putting that smile on my face. Thank you

  48. Well, I know that the head office really does not care about what people may think but with this outpouring of support and love shown towards Jennifer, hopefully the head bosses will rethink what they have done. Reading over the comments I was shocked to see the comments that Kevin Frankish had something to do with this. What would Kevin have to gain from all of this. Cleaning house is fine but when you start to get rid of your employees of 23 years something is terribly wrong with the system. Something I was wondering is Greg still working at City on the BT show? Whatever Jennifer decides to do I know she will give 100%. Annoying was a word used in a few comments I do not understand how Jennifer was annoying she was very personable when she did her interviews and as far as people wanting more news. Please how many times do we need to hear about the murders overnight in the city, the protest . I appreciate the weather and the traffic and also the people who take transit this is good. How much more news do we really need to hear. Would be nice to have a morning show that would bring happiness to start the day and yes report on the doom and gloom of Toronto but I don’t think we need two hours of bad news.

  49. I would like to know which viewers were asked what they wanted more of … and it didn’t include the Live Eye segment ?? Who took this poll? Maybe now you need to ask the viewers who wants Jennifer and the live eye back !!! and how many you might lose because of this new strategy

  50. Hum, I’ve known Jennifer for 30 years, I WAS a very close friend of hers. There is a lot that I can say but I won’t. She would give you the shirt off her back, always going that extra mile for people that were sick or in need. You can bet your bottom dollar that she hated her position for all of those years. She stayed in that position because every time she tried to put herself out there to audition for Cityline, Much Music, B.T, as an “onair” personality, the HIGHER UP’S would never take her out of that “live-eye” position. She has tried for omg 15 years. She has replaced Dina, Kevin, Tracey, but always when they were sick or on vacation. Then they would put her back on the “live-eye”. Moses (back in the day) told her she was good, in a “cheerleader” sort of way. She also butted heads with many people because she was always fighting to get to the top, but it just would never happen. She has tried with her CD singing, but just didn’t make it. She has tried acting, just didn’t make it. She has tried hosting, just didn’t make it. Shit happens, not everybody likes you and what you see on tv is a façade of what the person is really like. I will admit she has been more than “enough” in that position, but I’m sure they were all sick of it. She has always been trying to venture out of that position, but she was stuck. It’s not easy out there.

    1. Jennifer, good luck!!! This is a leaning experience for you. When people stop you you need to force your way, even if they do not like you. Bye Bye

    2. You are a true Friend, Jennifer is a ray of sunshine, better things ahead for her. She may now, find what she has always wanted to do. Thanks for writing this, and letting me know.

  51. The thing with television is that you can choose to watch or not watch. Jen obviously got up at an ungodly hour every day for 23 years to entertain and inform. She unexpectedly lost her job and is likely shocked and heartbroken. People who choose to kick her when she’s down should check their moral compass.

    1. BT , will never be the same again, without jennifer valentine, i watched her every morning..that’s sucks.

    2. Well said! I wish they would stop putting down Dina and Frank and the rest of the cast its not their fault and it’s very cruel whether it’s true or not I was always taught if you didn’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all! Good luck Jen!

  52. Jen was awesome and made me smile everyday!!!
    Bye…bye BT I will not watch you again…

  53. Rogers has no clue on how to treat employees of value. Jennifer was refreshing and fun each day. Dina is absolutely annoying. Kevin is okay but has very little personality. I left anything to do with rogers behind years ago, so this confirms how everything they touch turns to shit.

  54. This is just the tip of the iceberg for the likes of Rogers and Bell homegrown live shows. The truth is broadcast has been dying a slow death until 2nd screen takes over. Unfortunately, advertising rates have been going down for years which as you all know directly affects the longevity and segments of a show. You can expect to see more cuts to both individual on-air talent and complete live shows as viewers scramble towards OTT services. These types of broadcasts are becoming irrelevant. This is not a local phenomenon, as this is happening globally to media outlets. On a positive note, with the amount of time Jen was employed, she’ll probably get 2 years severance and she can begin to sleep in and focus on her jazz vocals which I’m certain would be a thrill and new challenge for her.

  55. Thank goodness! It was truly a time that was overdue. Do you know how many ex- loyal fans could not watch it because of her? She had turned into the Kathie Lee Gifford of BT. If we had to hear anymore about JACKSON and GEORGIA. ugh. Used to love Dina but now she has just turned into an overtly fawning interviewer with any guest. Too much of too much = way to boring. … I now know of about 12 people (co-workers alone) that might start watching it again. Hey CP 24 , with Steve Anthony (who has turned himself around) was better than watching BT in it’s current format. Kudos to those who had the insight to realize “the ship is going down”.

    1. Please, before calling someone an idiot make sure you check your grammar. Otherwise you’re going to get called out, badly.

    2. OMG!!! I thought that I was the only one that felt like you. Thank God!!! I wish her all the best…. but we all need a BIG break from her. I like Kevin, Frankie and sometimes Dina. PLEASE DON’T EVER GET Lyza Fromer back!!! I truly can’t stand her.

    3. Lisa, finally someone like yourself had to come straight out and tell it like it really was. The whole program is over the top and no better than trash tv. I read a comment here that someone has known her for 30 years and speaks how she is so kind and would give you the shirt off her back. Well I know of a person who did a Live Eye with Jennifer and when the camera’s were off she was a stuck up bitch. This though is the growth of what the new Rogers management wanted to do turn everyone into a celebrity, they missed the mark as they are no better than any of us and the reality is the joke is on them. You can see where Rogers is going by the out of no where new faces on tv and whether others realize it or not they will all be gone and we will have 24 hour OMNI broadcasting.

      1. Soooo not freaking true.. Jennifer did segments with my husband. When she found out how much I admired her, she called me from my husband’s cell phone as a surprise. Those are the little things she does every day and furthermore what she stands for. It saddens me how easy it is to muddy people on social media.

    4. You comment on Jen talking about Jackson and Georgia all the time ,that’s nothing like that Dina talking about all her Italian family and friends and Woodbridge.Sometimes I would turn on BT around 7 am (what a mistake) and I thought that I was watching an Italian station or a kindergarten class in action with that dim wit prancing around the tv floor or seeing her try to interview and always bringing some other person to assist her because she knows NOTHING about what she’s talking about.I think Rogers should get rid of her she’s a waste of space!

  56. Horrible news, I can’t believe Rogers thinks loosing Jenn is a smart move, we watch this show on every station in our building Monday to Friday and Jenn is so positive and brightens everyone’s day. With all the craziness in this world she keeps the light and smiles shinning. We will no longer to continue to watch and I will do my best to ensure I spread the word to turn off BT morningshow and watch Global or CP24. 24 years of loyolaity to this Company and they just let a fantastic and truly loved women walk away…….BAD MOVE!!!

  57. I can’t see how anyone looking for real and relevant news would turn to BT. BT was a loose format with news mixed with entertainment. Compare it to someone reading the Torotno Sun…..light news with gloss. Either way, Rogers sucks.

  58. I feel really bad for her, she did a great job and I did notice her lack of appearances over the last few weeks on BT, wondering if Rogers sacked her or cut her hours back.
    However I gotta stop short because she blocked me on Twitter one day for calling out how Syrian refugees sporting iPhones and Canada Goose jackets picking up and claiming used/donated furniture live right on the air.
    If one cannot speak the truth without getting blocked then it says a lot about said person. Sick of this politically correct BS when I just prefer seeing reality for what it truly is.

  59. Doesn’t surprise me. Rogers is too big and has a bigger plan. They started with their assassination of the OMNI News in Italian. Overnight, one minute they had a huge faithful following, the next day, they were gone. No matter what petitions were put forth, we, the people were ignored. Their decision was made. Rogers doesn’t care about people…they definitely don’t need the money, therefore….makes you wonder….what are their motives.

  60. Just a short note to the people of our great city Toronto , now you can watch Global or CBC , first thing I will be doing Monday morning is calling a meeting to hire Jenn, turn off city tv in our office building , and look at the contract we have with Tim Hortons.

  61. Jennifer your the best, will miss you on BTC but know that a network will scoop you up right away! Thank you for the upbeat smile and engagement over the years!

  62. It is not surprising how Rogers handles its on air staff, perhaps the same annoying way they handle customer service or should I really lack of customer service.

    If I was Ted Rogers I really would be turning over in my grave to see how his legacy became.

    It is absolutely a travesty how incredible on air staff has made other stations that much better after leaving CITY

    Thank you Rogers for NOTHING

    You are indeed the most annoying corporation this country ever had and unfortunately still have.

    There is a whole lot more I would like to say but what is the point no one is willing to do something about it and no one really cares Very sad😟😟😟

  63. Unfortunately the late Mr. Rogers did not leave his company with the right people, Jen we will see you again one day. I will watch BT for one last time this Monday morning , COME ON KEVIN & DINA SPEAK-UP !

  64. I agree with most of the comments on this board. Breakfast Television was sometimes painful to watch but the odd bright moment made up for it, like Ms. Valentyne’s segments. You can be sure they will now be filled with Hollywood gossip by the e-Talk wannabes that seem to be prevalent on the show now. It doesn’t cost much to have the pretty boys reiterate the gossip from Entertainment Tonight. Shame on Rogers. I’m done with this show. Let’s all head over to Canada AM or The Morning Show on Global, where hopefully Ms. Valentyne will end up.

    1. Yes she should go to global with Lyza Fromer. I don’t watch Global the morning show. The two “ladies” that I do not like at all can stay together.

  65. Its truly irrelevant whether you agree with Rogers decisions or not.if you want to hurt Rogers, cancel everything you’re subscribed to with them.There has been a downward spiral at Rogers since they”won” the rights to televise hockey.

  66. Might have known…..Rogers.

    So you eliminate a feature the viewing audience wants to see and you will probably replace it with sensationalism journalism just like all of the other morning “talk” shows.
    Everybody has to follow everybody else like a herd of sheep.
    Big mistake here. The “the show is going in a different direction” excuse doesn’t cut it anymore.
    Don’t wonder why your ratings will fall. Nobody wants to tune in every morning to a station that is beating some horrific event to death.
    Try to step out of the box for once!

  67. It is always a shame to see the departure of such a well known tv personality, however it appears that this may have been a mutual decision to leave entirely considering the new direction the corporation wishes to take the show. The decision to change is business. The decision to leave is personal. Lets see where the show goes. Good luck, Jennifer.

  68. @BTtoronto I understand you must all be devastated as it is like a death losing someone that truly has been family to you… I absolutely love Jennifer and know the devastation and mixed feeling of sadness and anger. That is expected .. Unfortunately the big corporations have a business to run and decisions are business decisions without emotion… As sad as it is it is the nasty reality. I truly believe in synchronicity and things happen for a reason.., for every door that shuts…another one opens and I know Jennifer is going to shine and do much better… Rogers has done her a favour and given her wings to soar…. have loved your segments Jennifer and look forward to following you in your new ventures !! Patricia Griffith

  69. The corporate suits at Rogers must have been looking for some pay raises by eliminating positions. You know they are doing bad in profits, they rob Canadians blind every month.

  70. hey people out there
    here’s a much better idea
    boycott rogers products, i just canceled my texture subscription
    i will cancel my cable within the week ,then my internet when i get things changed over
    maybe rogers will get the message but i doubt it and then tell everyone what you are doing
    i bet i can get at less one other to cancel now if everyone does that .WOW
    p.s Kevin just because everyone is angry about the way rogers treats people and customers does not mean they are bullies ,it really the other way round
    you are what you stand up for
    bye bye rogers

  71. Very sad news..Mr.B’s will never be the same without her presence,nor will Breakfast Television.

  72. ROGERS YOU ARE A HUUUUUUUUUUGE DISAPPOINTMENT. How much more “News” can we listen to. Jennifer was a bright light on mornings as dismal as we have been having lately. April snow angels is a really good substitute and just what the GTA was missing. While you go off in a “different direction” I bet so will many of your viewers. Good luck to you Jennifer. I can’t wait to see where you will go from here!

    1. I couldnt agree more ,snow angels & 2 on the couch interviewing Mark Messier. Joke

  73. Jennifer,
    I just heard that you had been let go, and I want to tell you that will be the last time I watch B.T. , as much as I love Kevin I just won’t do it.
    I even put up with Dina coming on because there was still you and Kevin, but even Kevin isn’t enough of a draw to keep me watching B.T.
    I can’t tell you how upset I am at the news. I stopped watching City line when they let Marilyn go, continue to watch her on channel 8 now
    with The Marilyn Dennis Show, and I don’t watch the 6:00 news since Gord Martineau left and now no more Breakfast Television.
    I’m sure whatever your next venture will be it will be a successful one even if it is to just be a stay-at-home-mom. I want to say how
    very sorry I am that you had to go, my mornings just won’t be the same.
    Thank you for bringing joy to my mornings for all the years that you were on B.T. and I will miss you.
    Yours truly, Sharon VanDemark

  74. I think this is the last straw with this show. Jen was a bright spot for this show, couple people I cannot stand on the show, but they are still there, and with lately all the movie award spot light segments (who cares) and all the weird, stupid other segments, joking, laughing , I have no idea where BT is going, but dont like it. Cannot stand L.F on the morning show but it may be where I end up. Will miss you Jen, they will be kicking themselves.

  75. Wow! Give the weather slot BACK to Jen. (did this before Frank). Frankie (like you but…) you have a family business that does very well up in Barrie, Ont. (flowers), also an author of a book(s), you do commercials, also appearances on City Line with Tracy etc etc. …. There is no lack of funds there. Let Winston Singh go. (Sorry Winston). But when asked to do things to go out on streetcars/buses and other odd jobs outside of the office you do not show any enthusiasm. (you need to do this Winston that’s part of the job.) As for Jennifer who did her job with a smile and utmost professionalism and she has YEARS of experience ……???? Trying to save money in all the wrong places. Bring her back!!! Let other two go. That’s saving money. OR lose a lot of viewers and ………… History.
    Shame on you Rogers and others responsible!

  76. Deja vu. This is what they did with Erin Davis. We know how this turned out (fired to search for a younger demographic. After listener protests, Erin was re-hired) . Voice your opinions. Boycott.

  77. Jennifer WAS the show. Dina is good, Frank is good…but Kevin is a complete dip. He’s one of those media types who thinks he’s the most important person in the room. Would someone tell this guy that he reads the news….that’s it. He should have been happy carrying Jenn’s lunch.

  78. Roger she was the best thing for city line can’t be leave that you are so hart less you let her go it just shows what you think about you’re staff that worked so hard and made us all smile and all the years she worked for you this is how you handle things unbelievable you’ve also lost another viewer

  79. So very sorry to hear the news Jen. Hopefully you will take some time to yourself & prepare for the upcoming requests for other openings in your field.Rogers was replaced in my home & cell phones will also be changed. Good bye Rogers.

  80. Jenn:
    Good for you! Your future suddenly looks a lot brighter. Grab that brass ring, girl!
    Celebrate this turn of events – not too long into the future you will look at this and remember it for the freedom it gave you to move on and shine.
    Mark my words!

  81. Today was my last day watching bt. Ive never been surprised to find out how many stupid people their are in this world. but today that was confirmed. And rogers hired most of them. luved ya and will miss u Jenn. Id wish ya luck, but u dont need it. U have it all. thanks for making my mornings for so many years. J.P.

  82. sad to see you go Jen I really enjoyed watching you especially when youre going on trips with kids to florida disney world the kids are so happy youre the only ond could make the show so fun Boaring Kevin Frankish only speaks about Beth and his dogs Should be Kevin Gone Booring show

  83. Kevin acts 30 years older than he is. He is like a 80 year old fussbudget who is not hip but super square for a 52 year old! Need to replace with a younger model. Heck, Im his age and do not act that old. Frank is cool, Dina is well, Dina. Tracy and Winston need to be replaced. Jen was entertaining and good at her job. While it may have been a business decision it may have lost many viewers including myself. Jen brightened up the boring Kevin Show. I will look elsewhere for news. I believe Jen will have no problem finding suitable employment. I wonder if her husband still works for Rogers? Rogers is a greedy company. Karma is a bitch.

  84. If I wanted to see and hear just the news, I would watch just the news, BT is far more then that, and I looked forward to seeing what Jennifer would bring each day. I believe Rogers will see what a mistake this has been, but it may be too late. Just because other stations may be removing the live-eye segments from their shows, does not mean they had to…This was a Big mistake Rogers.

  85. HOW DARE YOU MOST OF YOU WITH YOUR NEGATIVE COMMENTS AND THROWING STONES AT THE CAST AND CREW OF BT, Dina , Kevin , Jennifer , Frankie , Winston , Tracy all of you I love you …I will miss Jenn she is what makes live eye a wonderful part of the program she brings communities together and she is such a pleasure …
    if you dont have anything nice to say I pitty you for being such a miserable person ,and secondly shut your mouth and change channels dont watch the show its Canada a free country

  86. Jen, you were a ray of sunshine, you were loved by all, I will miss your beaming smile, big hug Mike

  87. So to Clarify Rogers assassination of one of the best reporter that they have and replaced her with a snow angel on today show, Go back to your meeting today Rogers and think about it, have a Tom Horton coffee , I Going switch to Mcdonalds

  88. Have watched BT for years..enjoyed Jenn and her daily episodes. If you’re cleaning house, start at the top- keep Frankie-he’s real people and bring back Jenn!
    Today is my last day of watching BT! Best wishes Jenn-you’ll move on and upward!

  89. Rogers you made a big mistake. News , News etc. BT Breakfast TV was just not about news, it tied in with the Surrounding Communities. Jennifer did this by going to Toronto, Peel Region , Halton, etc Events, Sports, Farms, Markets, Schools, etc. We saw people, children , families, helping people, raising funds, etc. having fun, and being concern when there was a need. This is called Good Community News. Your show was special, it wasn’t about just news, Seniors that can’t get out much and others loved watching Jennifer report what was going on in our little part of the world. People want to see Good Community News. Wish Jennifer you had the money to do your own show, going to miss whats going on in our Communities. Good Luck Jennifer all the Best.
    Jo Ann Dalziel.

    1. Rogers – bad, bad move to let go of Jennifer. Most of the loyal fans have watched Kevin, Dina (and her predecessor), Jennifer and Frankie Flowers – they make the show. So does the Live Eye – best part of the show. No offence to their talent, but you could have let go any or all of Winston, Adam Wylde and Tammy Sutherland to make up any shortfall. They are the newbies and should go first – that’s good business practice – not to “fire” Jennifer – I hope she seeks good severance pay and gets to enjoy her children for the first time in several years. Jenn – I’ll miss you. If Kevin and/or Dina are next on the chopping block, I’ll switch to another morning channel just for spite.

  90. Sorry to see you go Jenn. You will be missed. The pinheads at Rogers strike again dumping one of the most popular tv personalities in Toronto. Note to all the BT sponsors, better jump ship before it sinks, the viewer base just got a whole lot smaller. Bye, bye BT, after being a loyal viewer for more than 25 years, I will find a new morning show.

  91. I am truly sad about this! Jennifer takes us along with her to all the morning shows i love how they featured small business, ones that I now shop at because of the BT show, I loved all her adventures it made me want to do all the things she did! she was a great sport always up beat I looked forward to where she would be each day! I think this is a bad decision.
    Please reconsider we love her and want her back!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Rogers – bad, bad move to let go of Jennifer. Most of the loyal fans have watched Kevin, Dina (and her predecessor), Jennifer and Frankie Flowers – they make the show. So does the Live Eye – best part of the show. No offence to their talent, but you could have let go any or all of Winston, Adam Wylde and Tammy Sutherland to make up any shortfall. They are the newbies and should go first – that’s good business practice – not to “fire” Jennifer – I hope she seeks good severance pay and gets to enjoy her children for the first time in several years. Jenn – I’ll miss you. If Kevin and/or Dina are next on the chopping block, I’ll switch to another morning channel just for spite.

  93. Jennifer I will miss you. I always loved to watch your segment on bt. Shame on them the higher ups for letting you go after all those years. Just shows thats, the thanks you get for being loyal and having a fun job at the same time. I believe that is where you met your husband. I wish you the best of luck what ever you do and where ever you end up. I certainly don’t want to watch more bad depressing news or traffic reports to replace you. Don’t know if I will watch bt anymore.
    What a great loss.

  94. Everyone will miss you Jen, always looked forward to where you would be each morning. I don’t understand what Roger’s is doing. You have such a great way with people and a warm and loving heart.
    Wishing you a better future in you next endeavor…you can do way better than Rogers. You go girl !!!!

    1. I watched long enough to hear Kevins fake rant how he loves jenn than in the same breath to cover his ass say this is a business !! My TV now is set when it turns on to CP 24. I esp liked the part where Kevin called the people making negative comments idiots & bullies then he called the FB & Twitter masses to bully the people voicing their opinions what a clown Frankish is ! Js

  95. curious, all of you that said ‘ i wont watch BT any longer’…….did you really switch the channel today and watch something else, or did you still watch BT?

  96. You will be missed.. Wish you all the best.
    I remember one time on air when they were trying to set you up with a date, I was thinking boy she would be a great person to go out on a date and hope it goes somewhere.. But you met someone and are married to that lucky guy. LOL

  97. Great news. Now I won’t have to change the channel every time that phony look at me smile appears. She fancies herself a beauty queen but her off camera antics are apparently not so nice. Time she realizes her true value in the real world.

  98. So much for being a “Part of the Roger’s Family……….dysfunctional…….is that how they treat family?

  99. Another nail in the coffin of watching BT, I was a loyal viewer for years, but with more commercials than news content, less host interaction and boring talk segments and now Jennifer leaving. I am watching CP24 each morning. I’ve had it with RogersTV!!!!

  100. Iam from Saskatchewan and I watched bt just to see Jenns beautiful smile.she is as talented as she is gorgeous.we will miss you sweetheart.

  101. People move around in media. She’ll land on her feet. So much morning competition in Toronto TV. I settled on Global and with Jeff McCarthy it’s been even better. They all have pluses and minuses.

  102. With Rogers decision to cancel the Live Eye segments what has happened to the crew, are they out of a job as well? Just wondering. ……

  103. Perfect example of the decision makers not really having their finger on the pulse…. I’m sure this decision was made in a corporate boardroom by a suit that has no idea of her viewer loyalty…. Often it’s a money decision disguised as a direction change but a smart decision would’ve been to work her into whatever new direction they were taking an valuing 23 yrs of solid viewer loyalty
    Another station WILL scoop her up and take her 23 yrs of viewers loyalty as well!

  104. A special call out to Jenn and Gord, not sure most of you know but both of them have been huge supporters of The Childrens Breakfast Club, an Ontario charity that supports less fortunate kids in Ontario. The club receives all of it’s support through private donations, no government ties.
    Both Jenn and Gord were huge club supporters and showed us for many years to garner support for Rick and the team!
    You could say it was part of their job, and they did a heck of job doing it!
    Best of luck Jenn, and luck will have little to do with your success in the future!
    Bill Strong

  105. We can all say Jenn is better off but I am pretty sure she doesn’t feel that way. The truth is that it’s a crappy situation all around, same thing happened at CHCH and it sucks. I won’t say I am not going to watch BT anymore because there still are great people on however it’s so annoying when these big corporate companies come in, take over and put people out of Jobs. I personally wish you all the best Jenn, and look forward to hearing about your new adventures. Keep smiling even through the hard day, we love you xoxo

  106. If you are serious about improving BT image then unload Kevin, Dina and Winston. All are totally useless and VERY amateurish.

    1. Such utter nonsense. Jenn was and will be a shining star on the tv. She is truly well spoken and professional. Get rid of Dina who is such a twit and the young guy who cannot find his way home. So very disappointed. Will not watch CTV again. What about replacing that Tracy Moore with a confident, well spoken young woman like Jenn. Shame on the whole show. Tracy comes across like a know it all and is not that engaging. Keeps interfering when someone is talking. Needs to be the centre. Glad I spoke my mind.

      1. Such a loss ,,,,,so much energy and a truly good person. What is the matter with the people at Rogers?

      2. Couldn’t agreed more on getting rid of Tracey, Jenn would be a huge improvement over that loud talker that never stops overtalking, you can’t even here what the guests are saying with all the cackling.

  107. Will never watch City T V ever again how dare you let her leave the show. It only goes down hill from here sorry I never got to see her in person x o TO A BEAUTIFUL LADY

  108. You have made one big mistake I for one will never again watch City T V How do people like you sleep at night

  109. The whole show became a clown show of fooling around with no direction, the mouth Dina never letting a guest speak and cutting off anyone for a bad pun or trash self-serving comment. Sending Winston out on some trek to know where or a street car ride to nowhere, why. Kevin forever on some phone head down or showing us some nothing on his phone tired of that why be there he not there for me. Fed up with the weather jokes or joke “THE STORM CENTER” we never get that storm, ever, so Frank should stay with the flowers and just show the temps for the week. Jennifer hope to see you on Global my new choice for news in the morning.

  110. I have loved BT for so many years. Kevin Dini and Frank make watching the News enjoyable. Jennifer was the Icing, the so much fun to watch. This news station was much more than a regular news station . Jennifer took us everywhere. Gave us knowledge of so much of Ontario. I can’t believe she would be the one to leave. Your News won’t be breakfast television any more, it will be just like every other boring news station out there. Goodbye

  111. I am still in disbelief with the decision to eliminate Live Eye and the talented Jennifer Valentyne. I have been watching breakfast television for years and it truly started my day with a smile. The last two days BT has become slow and repetitive, even as much as I enjoy the talented Kevin and Dina! Live Eye was informative, show casing events and various venues around the greater Toronto area. I wish BT would have asked viewers what type of local programming they want more of – I haven’t missed the birthday announcements and I do enjoy guests like Rose Reisman. I hope they will reconsider this decision to eliminate the Live Eye or limit the show to a one hour broadcast with the new format.

  112. Jennifer, you were a great part of BT..Was never really fond of Dina , Ken is awesome at his job Was always great when you filled in for Dina Mr B will truly miss you You will no doubt succeed and what ever you do!!!!!!!

  113. I switched channels today.. It’s very blah now.. Who wants bad news when you start the day or road jams around Toronto when you broadcast further … stress .. Thought life was good vibes and that was Jen.. I loved her energy, get up and go.. You’ve made it easy to switch around channels now .. What a waste

  114. Rogers needs some new senior Managment. Maybe let Edward Rogers back in the building. He couldn’t possibly do any worse than the decision makers they currently have. Get the skinny lack on cabale for $25 a month and cut Rogers properties.

    Eat shit Rogers. Eat shit


  115. I have been watching the BTV the past few days and can say… it has become sooooo repetitive… it seems that without the live eye there is soo much more time to fill, and the same news/weather/traffic gets repeated so much faster. The live eye provided insight into some of the great places to visit, whether it was for food, education, fun activities, etc. I don’t think i can sit and watch much of it anymore.. it just repeats the same info over and over again. I looked forward to seeing where they were each day. Its a small glimpse into our great city… especially for those who may not be very mobile.

  116. Jennifer Valentyne fired from Breakfast TV…it is about time. No longer must we be subject to her fawning, surface dwelling, insipid, and vapid consumerist BS. Her shrill delivery was irritating and her appearent knowledge of what she was “reporting” on was cursory at best. She has no substance, but that seems to be the trend in modern “broadcasting”. Jennifer Valentyne was a perfect example of a smiling talking head…her bouyancy always seemed manufactured, her infantile and sing song delivery smacked of pandering to the lowest common denominator. Now…lets get rid of the rest of the Erin Davises,The Dina Puglieses, Michele Dubes, Marci Ians, and the worst of the worst…Jeff “oh wow, there ya go” Hutchinson.

  117. Wow, my mom and I, plus many, many others really enjoyed watching where Jennifer would be daily…….but now we will not be watching BT at all. We hope her future will surpass Bt’s horrible decision. The public finds comfort in familiar faces, loyalty and routine, thanks for breaking that………BOO BOO on BT!

  118. Rogers broke tradition when they overpaid for the NHL rights and killed Hockey Night in Canada as well. I guess they need to save a couple bucks as they just let go of some producer for hockey yesterday as well. Watched BT this morning out of curiosity and thought it sucked without Jennifer. Rogers sucks.

  119. Why is it when Rogers gets involved, the product seems to lose its lustre. Cityline was great to watch, Rogers came in and that started a trend of mediocre episodes (removed Marilyn as a host) Haven’t watched one hockey game in some time as every other commercial is a Rogers one. I have a few girlfriends there who are absolutely miserable and mistreated. Cell phone coverage is average at best. Now they remove the only fun part of BT. Does anyone truly like Rogers out there?

  120. Will miss her. She made the show. Happy news in the morning now what am I going g to watch….global that is so fake and boring.

  121. Good hardworking people were let go in this establishment due to “cut backs” , “financial stuff” whatever? But, there is a lot of self promoting and advertising going on……”Frankie’s Flowers” (business up in Barry), his new book. Oh yeah, Tracy Moore’s new clothing line….. is Roger’s/BT getting advertising and promotional fees or is it free?

    Bring Jenn back! (she’s worth the money)

  122. I happened to be reading this article as I was opening my cell phone invoice from Rogers. I’m switching. Not giving any more money to these crooks. Good employees cut, customers paying more. just so they can make an extra couple million per year on top of their billions.

  123. Jennifer was and still is a fixture to all in this City. I know that most woke up to her in the morning and their mood was set by Jennifer’s Laugh and her humor, while at the same time being professional at what she did for breakfast television. We will miss her but I am sure that with this chapter closed for her another better opportunity will land on her door step soon. Good luck Jennifer and thanks for being the best you could be for all these years.

  124. I am very sad that they let Jen go she was always so happy and willing to try anything but she will land on her feet and they were crazy to let her go. I can’t understand why Winston is there he is sooooooooooooo incredibly boring and doesn’t add anything to the show although he does get the latest iPhone every few months whoop-de-doo! I know a lot of people are saying this but I am definitely done with Breakfast TV. Kevin seems nice enough but he cuts everyone off constantly it annoys the crap out of me especially when he asks them a question and doesn’t give them time to even finish their answer. It actually amazes me how professional the others are by not telling him to shut up. Dena grew on me but definitely won’t miss her like Jen. I will switch to Global or listen to Chum FM in the morning and wait to see where Jen lands as she will land somewhere and it will be a soft and sweet landing.

  125. Could it be possible that Rogers ends up selling City and their speciality channels to offset the losses they are facing with NHL? I stopped watching years ago when Robbers got involved after Chum. They truly suck at everything

  126. So sad to hear about Jennifer’s departure. I will not continue to watch the program. I wish her all the best!!!

  127. So sorry that Jennifer will no longer be on BT……………I always looked forward to her segment.
    Someone has made a poor decision.

  128. Link above pretty much outlines Rogers struggles. I feel a little sorry for them. ….not.

  129. All the comments from people saying they will not be watching any more is pure BS you did not watch because of Jennifer she was NOT what makes BT tick….. you watched to get the news bottom line. So stop it. Yes it is sad that she lost her job but its sad when anyone loses there job after so many years of service, that’s life. (She just had a better job than most people.) I will still watch BT because l like the show and the morning people that run it.

  130. Sometimes you just have to say no, no this does not make sense. Do you really want to stay relevant , or more relevant than the other stations. Then stop being so polyester. Jennifer related everyone to everyone. We didn’t always relate to every story but it was great getting to know all the fabrics of our beautiful province. Our family has yet to watch breakfast TV or any other City news program. For the first time in 24 years we are giving other channels a try. Not bad:)

  131. I bett Jennifer Valrntyne is posting at least half of these comment saying she is missed and all of the negative Rogers crap. Fact is shes too old not pretty enough and boring and annoying and they will just slowly do “live eye” a few times here and there but not call it live eye. I think there was more to why they lettl Valentyne go. Somebody must not like her or ahe said something they didnt like. Thats just my opinian. Im in my twenties and i think shes boring. Tanya kim is also so annoying and boring. She thinks shes pretty or sexy the way she dresses but she looks like a man with makeup and long hair with her fake tan and she looks like she smells of old fermenting kimchi. Ew😝

  132. Jenn will be missed. I really enjoyed the live eye, Jenn went to some great awesome places. Very disappointed with Rogers, bad decision. I will no longer be watching BT. I have switched to another morning show. Best of luck to Jenn in her future endeavours. Hope to see you soon on another network.

  133. The spark of BT is gone when you let Jennifer go! Why then are others doing the live eye sections, ex:Disney wish yesterday? I see different people filling in. It isn’t the same anymore! You will lose a lot of loyal fans going in this direction especially if you ”let go” the originally family. Yes, it is like a family with Kevin, Jennifer and Frankie. Very disappointed loyal fan! Bring Jennifer back!

  134. I have no idea how some of you could talk about Jen’s live eye segments as if they were a waste of time. They made the show worth watching. She will be missed greatly by so many of us long time B.T. viewers for a reason,she was simply fantastic! Charming,funny,enthusiastic,full of energy,personable,beautiful,and so on. Good luck Jennifer V. No I will not be watching B.T. very much at all anymore. Idiotic decision by The Rogers Corp. to let her go. Duh????????

  135. I am so sad to hear that bt let
    jen go.Well no more bt and city line.
    Back to Canada Am.

  136. Bt is not the same without Jen. I have always looked forward to see where she will be today. Wrong move Rogers. She always had a smile and thousands of viewers smile too. Good luck Jen.

  137. As much as we enjoy Kevin and Dina on BTV we just can’t appreciate the show any more as we are always looking for Jen. She was an integral part of what made that show so genuine. What a huge mistake, Rogers. We are sadly no longer faithful viewers.

    1. Wow. What a hate filled person you are. Easy when you’re behind a screen to attack someones children. Shame on you.

  138. Another in a continuing series of bad decisions by Rogers…..and they wonder why customers are leaving them!

  139. No doubt hopefully Dina and Kevin will be the next to go. Both are soon annoying, the way they talk over each other constantly with nonsense …. Outright annoying. Jennifer was the ONLY real person on the show who showed us all the things we are capable of doing …. And taking us to new places that I enjoyed learning about all the time. Actually, around 4 months ago I stopped watching breakfast tv because I could not stand the “noise” that comes out of the show. Have so so much more to say, but no energy to waste on this Rogers losing program….no matter how they change it.

  140. I miss Jennifer. BT not worth watching anymore. As for the haters…get a life! Cannot believe people watch a show just to rip people apart. Tearing people down to feel better about your unhappy lives. Sad!

  141. Rogers couldn’t care less about the viewers…it is all about the $$$

    BT will be gone soon.

  142. Don’t forget…you are talking about the company that charged us $160.00 as a “early cancellation” fee when our FIL died last year!!

    No amount of talking, e-mailing or registered letters could convince them that dying is a legitimate excuse to cancel cable.

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