Wynonna Earp advances the plot in Episode 3

Monday’s episode of Wynonna Earp on CHCH—entitled “Leavin’ on Your Mind” and written by Brendon Yorke—is described thusly: three revenants go into the city to cut off an innocent murderer’s hand, and then steal a diary belonging to a deaf-mute poet. Wynonna and Xavier soon realize that they’re preparing to cast a spell … which will let them go over the line. And yes, that is what happens in the A-story, but the rest of the instalment goes a long way to revealing the machinations of at least one character.

Here’s what we can tell you without giving too much away.

Waverly and Wynonna are roomies
Yes, the sisters Earp have moved in together, though I’m assuming that’s after some home renos are done to patch the shotgun holes Waverly made in the walls in Episode 1.

Waverly has done her research
We already knew Waverly did some major digging into the Earp curse, but a key scene in the police station reveals more: there is a triangle shaped spot called The Ghost River Triangle that goes through Purgatory and the city, and keeps the revenants contained within it. While rifling through some old photos, Waverly finds a picture that sends her on a dangerous mission. So dangerous, in fact, she should have put her cell phone in airplane mode.


Is Agent Dolls really who he says he is?
Sure, Dolls refers to his superiors and he has that badge, but we have yet to see him call any superior’s back at the office. Is he really under orders from someone else, or is her a lone wolf with his own agenda?

Who (or what) the heck is Doc Holliday?
Doc has done two favours for Bobo Del Rey so far but doesn’t appear to be a revenant or under Bobo’s command. He’s searching for someone, and we finally find out who. Not that being given a name is all that helpful, though we’re given a tantalizing hint in the episode’s closing moments. While we’re talking about Doc and wondering about him, I’ve got a question: where does he get his money for booze?

Wynonna shows her soft side
We’re used to the snarky, physical Wynonna, but a family reunion reveals the vulnerable side to our heroine, a woman holding deep hurt, guilt … and revenge. But this being Wynonna Earp, the moment doesn’t last long.

Wynonna Earp airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on CHCH and at the network’s website via live streaming.


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