HGTV Canada’s superstars team to create the ultimate Home to Win

Superstars assemble! Take 20 HGTV Canada contractors and designers, drop them onto a property in dire need of renovation and what do you get? Home to Win, the network’s biggest giveaway ever, and a showcase for homegrown talent.

Hosted by ET Canada‘s Sangita Patel and debuting Sunday at 10 p.m. ET, Home to Win is a who’s who of demolition and design talent, including Bryan and Sarah Baeumler, Sarah Richardson, Scott McGillivray, Mike Holmes, Tiffany Pratt, Samantha Pynn, Paul Lafrance, Kate Campbell, Sebastian Clovis and Danielle Bryk. Basically, if they appear on an HGTV Canada series, they’re participating in Home to Win. It’s a smart move: it’s all hands on deck in the first episode as the participants search Canada for the ideal property to make over. But can so many artistic people with differing style ideas all get along?

“Bryan and I had a lot of questions,” Baeumler says during a press junket at Corus headquarters alongside Pratt and Pynn. “How do we get these 20 people together, align the schedule, make sure we all work well together … it just seemed like a huge feat. It took about an hour of thinking about it, and Bryan said, ‘This will work.'” It certainly does. It’s easy to assume these folks all get together on a regular basis to quaff and beer and talk shop, but that’s not the case. With busy production and business schedules to juggle, pros like Pynn and Lafrance would never have met and collaborated, let alone be featured in a series together.


“We all have our own different areas of expertise,” Pratt explains. “We all have our different arenas, so for all of us to come together and put it into one space, it’s really spectacular. It’s good times with everybody.” Unlike many renovation shows, there are no firm deadlines and no winner or loser. The group is working together over 10 episodes to create a beautiful space full of, as Baeumler says, stories, memories and connections.

“I knew that it would be a lot of fun,” Pynn says. “I knew there would be a lot of work, but it doesn’t feel like work. And the end reveal is just everything. It was an amazing experience.”

At the end of that experience, one Canadian will win the home and all of the furnishings. Auditions are open now and couldn’t be more simple: after giving the standard name and address information, you must record a one-minute video telling the casting team, “What makes a house a home?” Three contestants chosen will compete in Home to Win‘s finale.

“You have 20 people repeating the words ‘dream home,’ so you can’t not have a dream home, period,” Pratt says. “Everyone here and at home want to tune into that final episode and say, ‘Holy … Oh my God!'”

Home to Win airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV Canada.


8 thoughts on “HGTV Canada’s superstars team to create the ultimate Home to Win”

  1. Looking forward to show. Like many many others tired of Bryans wife being shoved down our throats. She should take herself out of this show but she is so full of herself. She loves the fame. We had to listen to her nagging moaning in their 3 shows. Please Sarah get out think about fans not yoursel. A person with no talent how embarrassing but to her it’s fame. Thank God there will be real designers there who know what their doing. HGTV open your eyes and ears listen to people. You don’t usually get pushed into such crap. No talent. Not fair to real designers. Maybe a Real Houswives show needs someone she would fit in. Although don’t think even they would like her. Spare us all.

  2. Since Bryans, know nothing about building, wife, is on the show, we will not be tuning in. How ridiculous HGTV, to be coerced by Bryan to bring his wife on. I say that because I can’t believe a network like yours would be so flip, transparent, and uncaring to their fans, to insult them, and yourselves, by bringing a person like that on your show. Hope it bombs…

    1. Bryan’s wife has her own Interior Design business, and is an Interior Designer! What a disgusting comment you made. Know your information before posting such biased comments.

  3. I am trying to watch this show but it is disgusting that they labelled Sarah (Bryan’s wife) as a designer. She is not a designer. There is so many comments on Sarah’s lack of experience that I don’t understand why they even considered her for this show. She doesn’t even have any fashion sense. And the guest bedroom. REALLY. A single bed in a guest room and black. Yikes. Before Bryan’s career goes into the dumpster please put Sarah where she belongs. NOT ON TV. Don’t be stupid Bryan and take back your career. Your wife is taking you down. Listen before it is too late. I don’t think I can tune into this show again. Sarah really pissed me off.

  4. My husband and I were really excited to watch the first show. We will not be watching anymore. Every episode is all about product placement. We don’t really want to watch a whole hour of commercials. Good luck HDTV. You sold out.

  5. I can’t believe the episode where Sarah B. decorates the guest room. First she rips out two perfectly good closets and puts in ugly built-ins and then moves a window that adds no more flow or excitement to the room . It is just plain ugly and quite frankly an insult to the other real talents on the show. She is not a designer and doesn’t have particularly nice taste. Yuck.

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