Comments and queries for the week of April 29

Five reasons we love, and will miss, Motive

I really loved watching Motive. What a great show!! The story, plot … Motive was fantastic. The cast and acting superb all-around and put together great! Why is it being cancelled? What a shame. —Angela

Debbie Travis finds the sweet life in OWN’s La Dolce Debbie

I viewed the six episodes of La Dolce Debbie on OWN Canada. I watched them over and over again! They were excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed them. I only wish that the number for each one was given to designate the sequence of the six episodes accurately. Such a brilliant idea: a villa for women to get recharged. I have been to Tuscany and it is a magical place. If I were younger, I would be applying for a week at Debbie’s villa. Congratulations Debbie for all your success and to a supportive, good husband! —Naomi

Jennifer Valentyne exits Breakfast Television Toronto

I was shocked to hear that Jennifer was fired from BT! We met her about three years ago and I had my little granddaughter with us. She was so nice, very friendly and Frankie Flowers was also there! We will miss you and your big smile and how you were so happy every morning, which was always good to see, especially when we always see bad things or hear about things that are not important! Never lose that Jennifer, it’s always better to be happy! We need more happy people in this world! Good luck on your next journey and thank you for your mornings! —The Wilson family

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