Canada AM’s Jeff Hutcheson announces retirement

It’s the end of the road for Jeff Hutcheson. The longtime sports reporter, weather guru and Canada AM co-host announced during Friday’s broadcast that he is retiring following one final remote tour across the country.

Canada AM followed up Hutcheson’s on-air reveal with the following Facebook post:

“This morning, Jeff shared the news that he is retiring next month. Of course, we’ve been heartbroken since he told us his decision last June… but his wife is thrilled. Since they met twelve years ago, Jeff and Heather have spent 2,600 nights apart, with his work in Toronto and her work and life in PEI. As we get ready to say farewell, Jeff is heading out on one last Canadian tour, visiting some of his favourite places and remembering some of his favourite moments. If you’re near Niagara-on-the-Lake next Wednesday, May 11th, please come out and join us. If you have any retirement messages or advice for Jeff, you can share it with us here, or email us at”

“I am humbled and overwhelmed by all your well wishes…thank you very much,” Hutcheson posted on his Twitter page soon after. “Looking forward to my last six’s been my pleasure.”

Hutcheson has been with Canada AM since 1998, and has created several trademark segments for the show, including remote broadcast tours that have taken him to points in Canada and around the world and “Things I Learned on the Internet Today.” He began his broadcast career in 1976 as a college student on Toronto’s CFRB 1010 radio before being hired by Kitchener, Ont.’s CKCO-TV after graduating. The next two decades were spent at CKCO-TV as a sports anchor, reporter, producer, writer and program host before making his final move to Canada AM.


5 thoughts on “Canada AM’s Jeff Hutcheson announces retirement”

  1. One of the reasons I watch Canada a.m. is b/c Jeff’s genuine character,sense of humour and all around likeability, gets my day off to a happy start. I am happiest when he , Bev. and Marcie are all there together- you can tell they have a wonderful relationship. He will def. be missed but who could deny him a well -deserved retirement. I wish him all the best and hope he’ll drop by Canada a. m. on skype or in person,now and again. Happy everything, Jeff! Enjoy every minute in good health.

    1. I’msorry that jeff is leaving us.I so enjoy him.Good luck be happy.

  2. Jeff, the very best to you in the next transition in your life. I retired 2 years ago, but before that, I WOKE UP TO THE AM GANG. Loved it, the laughs, the classy ways of all of you. Bev and Marci must feel like their brother is leaving. I trusting you that you aren’t hiking off to live WITH KELLY RIPA to replace Michael ! KIDDING. Enjoy .

  3. The only reason we watch the show is because of Jeff”s calm, personable, subtle humour. He is a great presenter, announcer, weatherman and the best interviewer on the show. How will you replace that?
    All the best to him in his retirement. Our mornings will not be the same.

  4. Dear Jeff:

    Thanks for all the wonderful years that my husband Chuck and I have been watching you, Marcy and Bev. We enjoyed the show every day before we went to work in the morning. Now we watch you and don’t have to go to work. Now that we are retired you can too!

    Enjoy your retirement in PEI. It is our favourite spot to take our trailer.

    We wish you well from our little town of Brighton, ON.

    Marina Ward

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