Comments and queries for the week of May 6

X Company‘s creators discuss the heartbreaking finale and look towards Season 3

I like this show, but now Tom’s dead. I’m not watching it any longer. Killing the kid would have been better, I can’t stand him. But Tom was a much better character … and his death meant the death of the show for me. I’m done. —D

I suspect “the kid” will grow up if he survives the coming season. Very young people involved in causes often become fanatical about them—and not just those in the Nazi youth. With a little more life experience he’d have understood that his young German counterpart was a conscript who had no other choice, especially under a totalitarian régime (conscientious objectors were forced to clean minefields, where they were eventually blown up, among other things). Odd, I didn’t like Tom at first; I found him smarmy and a bit of a prequel to Mad Men. But he certainly became a fully-fleshed character and had to undergo quite the ordeal even pretending to be seriously wounded and then finally falling over the proverbial cliff. I miss René, who looks like a friend of mine (who is considerably younger than I am), but that wouldn’t have allowed me to watch much of the series. I do appreciate the development of the female characters. Some commenters are saying that it wasn’t realistic in light of female roles 70 years ago, but the very fact that so many men were off fighting meant that women had to take on new responsibilities (as we see at Camp X). And that was certainly the case in the Resistance, in many countries. —Lagatta

Motive‘s showrunner sounds off on the series’ final cases

We are disappointed that Motive is not continuing for another season. It is a terrific show with excellent actors and believable plots. —June and Brian

Person of Interest is now on Tuesday night in Motive’s time slot. Where is Motive? It was only on for four weeks!! —Stacey

The remaining episodes of Motive will air this summer on CTV.


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  1. I have another song for our X-Company playlist. This partisan song from the Vilna ghetto is from the Eastern front, but certainly relevant. This video was on the Forward (newspaper) site, but is from the Archives of the Jewish Public Library of Montréal:

    The Nazis’ first victims were Germans, of course; political opponents, Jews, or both; the Peat Bog Soldiers was written by prisoners in a hard labour camp in the early days of the regime. The link I’m sending includes an English (Irish!) version and the original German:

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