Link: Should I even write about female-centric comedy?

From John Doyle of The Globe and Mail:

Link: Should I even write about female-centric comedy?
It’s a good comedy show, not a great one. The sketches are swift, the jokes good, but to me it too often amounts to mere drollery. Any sketch show is going to be hit-and-miss. Some of the real hits in Baroness von Sketch Show are MacNeill engaging, sometimes very bravely, in brilliant physical humour. She’s gifted in doing the physical gag, and often hilarious. All of the women are hilarious at times and in the dozens of sketches there are bound to be real gems. Continue reading.


2 thoughts on “Link: Should I even write about female-centric comedy?”

  1. I read his Odd Mom Out article and I completely agree with him. I live in rural Saskatchewan where the women wear Cabela’s camo and crocs and getting things on online garage sale is an act of pride. These women from Toronto are so foreign to me and thats why I find this type og satire so funny.

  2. Sounds like someone got his feelings hurt. Love when critics can’t take criticism.

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