Links: Baroness von Sketch Show

From Lauren La Rose of The Canadian Press:

Link: ‘Baroness von Sketch’ offers twist on comic format
The Canadian quartet behind CBC’s “Baroness von Sketch Show” is quick to give kudos to shows that helped popularize comedy sketches on the small screen.

Yet while acknowledging the lingering influence of series like “SCTV” and “The Kids in the Hall,” the all-female cast is hoping to bring a fresh perspective to a familiar format. Continue reading.

From A.R. Wilson of

Link: CBC’s Baroness von Sketch Show original, relatable fun
The four comedians behind CBC’s new all-female comedy series Baroness von Sketch Show — Aurora Browne, Meredith MacNeill, Carolyn Taylor, and Jennifer Whalen — had only one rule when writing material for the show: Make it relatable. Continue reading.

From Brad Oswald of the Winnipeg Free Press:

Link: Sketch Marks
The new CBC summer series Baroness von Sketch Show appears to be earning its roster spot. The first two instalments of its six-episode run are fast, smart and consistently funny, boasting a hits-to-misses percentage that inspires favourable comparisons to some of TV’s sketch-comedy Hall of Famers. Continue reading.