Unlucky 13 for one MasterChef Canada home cook

After weeks of anticipation, cooking and crashing and burning, it’s down to the final two home cooks, who will battle it out in MasterChef Canada‘s season finale next Sunday.

In one corner is Mary Berg, the spunky vegetarian who has an uncanny ability to prepare tasty meats; in the other is Jeremy Senaris, who not only makes great food but is able to replicate intricate recipes with stunning accuracy. The duo will go head-to-head, with one emerging $100,000 richer and with the Season 3 title.

Sadly, “Only the Best,” resulted in Matthew’s elimination after two mistakes in the Pressure Test sealed his fate. They were minor gaffes to be sure—a liquid tart centre and missed croutons—but at this point in the competition a small error makes a big difference.

There honestly isn’t much to say about Sunday’s penultimate episode other than I was mightily impressed with what all three were able to accomplish. The Mystery Box challenge, involving 13 ingredients from the first Mystery test of the season, was an exercise in creativity and time management, as the home cooks were tasked with providing 16 identical plates to 13 of the country’s most influential chefs and Claudio, Michael and Alvin. Once again, timing threatened to derail Mary, but she created the tastiest offering of fish and chips and won a spot in the finale.

Jeremy, meanwhile, ran out of gnocchi to serve, landing him alongside Matthew in the Pressure Test. Their challenge seemed insurmountable, to make three citrus-infused desserts in 90 minutes. If not for Matthew’s errors, he very well could have beaten Jeremy.

Who do you hope wins during next week’s season finale? Comment below.

MasterChef Canada‘s season finale airs Sunday at 7 p.m. ET on CTV.


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  1. I have enjoyed Season 2 of Masterchef Canada. I wish both Jeremy and Mary luck in the finale. I will be happy if Mary or Jeremy wins the honour. Both are deserving.

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