Season 3 of 19-2 returns with questions and power struggles

I go into every episode of 19-2 with an uneasy feeling. Over the last two seasons, showrunner Bruce M. Smith has proven that the next tragedy to befall the squad is mere moments away.

No story is one-note. There is always a chain reaction to an incident, and that’s the case with Monday’s return when what seems to be a simple blown van tire turns into multiple life or death situations. Here’s what we can tell you about “Burn Pile”—written by Smith—without giving everything away.

The squad makes changes
Bear is still the acting Sergeant, Dickie the rookie has been paired with Tyler—leading to some very funny scenes—and J.M. is on indefinite leave with pay after assaulting Justine. Also, as part of an initiative to regain the community’s trust, every officer must do foot patrol and bike patrol.

Let the backstabbing begin
Maxim Roy told us Episode 1 would feature masks coming off and huge betrayals, and she was right. With the task force—investigating why Houle’s crimes weren’t discovered sooner—looking for someone to blame, Isabelle and Gendron begin an intricate game of chess neither wants to lose.

New players join the fray
The investigation into Houle’s case and what happened to Kaz gives 19-2 the opportunity to introduce new characters. Among them: Insp. Elise Roberge, from Internal Affairs; and Charlie Figo, a local baker with ties to the mob. Both use manipulation to their advantage.

Ben comes up with a whole new meaning for the term “table it”
And Amelie is a big help.

19-2 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo.


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  1. Thanks for the info. Didn’t realize that Season 3 of 19-2 was about to begin. Looking forward to Monday night!

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