Comments and queries for the week of July 1

X Company‘s creators discuss the heartbreaking finale and look towards Season 3

As an American former combat photojournalist, I usually avoid various combat series. But this one is just riveting. It’s so well acted and emotionally layered that I find myself comparing it to Anthony Doerr’s brilliant WW2 bestseller All the Light We Cannot See. Both that book and this series capture a certain time beautifully and reminds us of the terrible consequences of war, on boh sides. Thank you for making great television. P.S.: Please don’t kill off Alfred, Aurora or Neil. For various reasons, they all need a break! —Karen

Bad moves and bad weather on The Amazing Race Canada

Best thing on Canadian TV and look forward to it every year. Canadian TV does not have the benefit of the the big networks but does a brilliant job with this show, keep it up. —Jean

Jennifer Valentyne exits Breakfast Television Toronto

I said I wouldn’t, and haven’t watched BT since Jennifer was let go and I now watch CP24. I can’t believe they let go the one person who went beyond and above. She tried everything and always pretended that she was extremely interested. Kevin is so annoying as he constantly cuts people off; I seriously don’t know how his co-workers don’t tell him to shut up and let me finish a sentence. Dina calls in sick more often than not. Bring Jennifer back and I will come back, as will I am sure a lot of other viewers. —Jacq


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