Gisèle Corinthios exits TVO’s Big Backyard

Sad news for fans of Gisèle Corinthios: the host of Gisèle’s Big Backyard is no longer with TVO. As reported back in April, the publicly funded provincial channel had cancelled production of program block, impacting six employees.

TVO confirmed on Friday that Corinthios was one of those impacted.

“TVO receives a fixed transfer from the province. Every year, our $40 million transfer gets relatively smaller as inflation allows it to buy less and less. With limited resources that effectively decline each year, TVO has to reduce costs regularly,” the channel said in a statement.

“With 14 years of production and 800 segments of Gisèle’s Big Backyard in our archive, the two-to-four year old pre-school audience will continue to enjoy GBB’s interstitial content for years to come. Since the pre-school audience turns over every two years, there is a large enough catalogue to maintain high quality service without producing new episodes. Older children require a more interactive experience to engage them, which is why TVO offers a live call-in experience with The Space weekday afternoons.”

The network is touting new original content, including mPower, a new math online in-class resource for kindergarten to Grade 6 and Climate Watch, a look at how climate change is becoming an increasing local issue.

Corinthios had been with TVO since 1998, when she became host of The Nook, which evolved into Gisèle’s Big Backyard.




4 thoughts on “Gisèle Corinthios exits TVO’s Big Backyard”

  1. Hello! I just read the news about Gisele. I have a 9 month old boy who is very much developed in every aspect. Each time he is in his chair having his meal and tea he is also enjoying the kids program. But there is one time when everything stops, and that is when Gisele is on: he stops eating and a big bright smile stays on his face until the next show begins. It is sad that she leaves, and that it is assumed a younger generation is not actually following her. Will she become part of a different show anytime soon? Thank you!

  2. Sad to hear Gisele is leaving. I remember her from the Rosbiki days (play dough characters skits). Gisele definitely left an imprint. My youngest is almost 16

  3. Bet none of the executives will be out a job or money. TVO is no better than the CBC in how it gets/utilizes/and doesn’t generate revenue. Don’t waste time pointing out “non-profit”. Tell that to management.
    Corinthios has been in my kid’s lives for years. What does it say about us as parents to trivialize the raw deal that our children’s electronic babysitter?

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