Sweating it out in Vietnam on The Amazing Race Canada

Unlike the last two legs of The Amazing Race Canada, Tuesday’s third one had no clear leaders. I blame it on the stifling heat in the Mekong Delta for causing teams to make bone-headed decisions and failing to note a critical clue that caused a shakeup at the Pit Stop.

Among the nuttiness in Vietnam? First-place team Joel and Ashley, along with three other duos, all took 30-minute penalties for using a water taxi to traverse between sections rather than the ferry clearly listed on the card they received. Listen, I get it. My instinct would have been to grab the water taxi I’d just climbed out of too, especially with teams breathing down my neck. But while I understand the urgency to keep moving—this is a race after all—I’m having trouble understanding what Stéphane was thinking.

The father not only relinquished the lead he and Antoine had by helping Ashley complete the goose-herding challenge, allowing she and Joel to depart the test in first place, but he aided other squads too, moving he and Antoine further back in the pack. It almost seemed like he’d given up and wanted to go home, and the frustration and shock on Antoine’s face was understandable. The pair eventually departed dead-last and never recovered, finishing in last place thanks to the four-hour penalty they took when Stéphane gave up on duck-herding after two hours. You’d think knowing the last team would be eliminated would light a fire under his butt, but perhaps the heat of the day sapped all rational thought.

The heat affected everyone, but Tanya especially. She struggled mightily during the ironically-named Hydrate Detour and had to be tended to by the show’s medical team. She sat off to the side, taking in fluids, while Anne continued to carry 60 coconuts from their boat to the harvesting station, completing the task and showing she wasn’t about to give up and was all about teamwork. Speaking of teamwork, Jillian and Emmett continue to complete Legs of the Race despite spending precious time and energy bitching at one another. The former Big Brother Canada competitors are used to playing a singular game, but The Amazing Race Canada is about supporting the other person and they need to work on that. I hit the mute button every time they start to fight because it’s embarrassing.

The most impressive team of this Leg was easily Kelly and Kate. The best friends, on the cusp of exiting the show last week, aced their toad-carrying Speed Bump (and informing viewers 20 toads is known as a knot) and landed in a very respectable third place.

What are your thoughts on this latest Leg? Would you have helped other teams like Stéphane did? Comment below.

Here’s how the teams finished this Leg of the Race:

  1. Joel and Ashley (30-minute penalty, won trip for two to Japan)
  2. Steph and Kristen
  3. Kelly and Kate
  4. Emmett and Jillian (30-minute penalty)
  5. Frankie and Amy
  6. Rita and Yvette (30-minute penalty)
  7. Julie and Lowell
  8. Anne and Tanya (30-minute penalty)
  9. Stéphane and Antoine (four-hour penalty, eliminated)

The Amazing Race Canada

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2 thoughts on “Sweating it out in Vietnam on The Amazing Race Canada”

  1. No I would not have helped without making a deal you help me I believe Stephane wanted to go home not in shape for the race

  2. The Amazing Penalty (Race) Canada Recap Thread

    Wow. 5 of 9 teams end up with penalties this time and both out all male teams are the first two out due to said Penalties. But this time most of them were for non-clue reading.

    Ducks, so sweet and cute-off to dinner. Toads-not sweet and cute but hysterical for the Speed Bump.

    Stephane really was too polite for his own good with the duck herding. His son’s being in Vietnam a few years ago couldn’t really help them after that. They were first on the water taxi too. Joel & Ashley’s guy must have been a super sailor to get them from last to first. Maybe he knew it was no good but if that were true why didn’t he take the penalty sooner? I don’t think he just wanted to quit the entire show.

    I’m surprised people seem to believe Septh & Kristen gave up on the Express Pass. Though U-Turn danger is the only true strategy on the Race. They have to give the extra up next week anyway.

    Holy crap, we almost had a 2nd medievac for a minute there. I was getting flashbacks to Caleb from Survivor.

    I have a leg disability so I can freely admit to laughing when Lowell ran into the shrub without going to hell, I’ve had my own share of wipeouts. Still Sean’s gagging last year was funnier.

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