Jack and Angie get awkward on Motive

What’s this we spot? Angie and Jack Stoker working together on another case? We couldn’t be happier, especially after last week’s final scene that caught Jack singing a post-coitus “O Canada.”

Written by Matt MacLennan, Tuesday’s new episode is called “Remains to be Seen,” and we’ve got some scoop to get you primed.

An e-motional murder
Motive comes up with some real doozies when it comes to how folks are dispatched, but “Remains to be Seen” takes it to another level. Let’s just say motion sensors allow Angie, Betty and Lucas to see exactly what happened to the victim.


A treasure trove of guest stars
Max Martini (24, Republic of Doyle) and Keegan Connor Tracy (Once Upon a Time, Heartland) play key characters in the main storyline, but we won’t ruin whether they’re involved with the killer or the victim. Ty Olsson (Supernatural, Continuum) returns to Motive as Tim Kelly—who assaulted Betty in the morgue—to face her in court. And Blackstone fans should keep an eye out for Steven Cree Molison, sporting a beard and looking very un-Daryl like.

Stoker is here to stay … for now
Apparently, Interpol needs a new liaison in Vancouver, and seeing as the polite gent is already there, why not have him stick around? He made for a great one-night stand for Angie—living overseas means virtually no strings attached—but being in the same city … the same office? This is getting interesting.

Motive airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on CTV.