Best day ever on The Amazing Race Canada

The latest Leg of The Amazing Race Canada contained two things I dread: eating wiggly bugs and performing karaoke. And, to be honest, it’s the karaoke that scares me the most out of the two. So I watched much of Tuesday’s episode with an awful feeling in the pit of my stomach because I knew both challenges were happening on the same night.

The Leg, through the hot and sweaty streets of Ho Chi Minh City, was a wild one where teams that were in middle and bottom of the pack jumped to the front while previously strong ones like Ashley and Joel and Jillian and Ashley were humbled as they dropped in the standings.

“Expect the unexpected,” Ashley said when Steph and Kristen revealed they’d gotten the Express Passes and handed them over to Frankie and Amy. Ashley was dead on. What seemed to be a relatively easy “Flip Flop” Detour—tossing around bottles of booze Cocktail-style—threw Ashley and her dad and Emmett and Jillian for a major loop, allowing other teams to roll in, complete the task and depart, while they struggled dozens of times to get in sync. The result? Joel and Ashley finished in fifth while the former Big Brother competitors were battling with Anne and Tanya for the last team to arrive at the Pit Stop.

Alas, it was the end of the road for longtime friends Anne and Tanya, who started the Leg in last place and never recovered. It was fun to watch them race this week; with no pressure to perform head-to-head with another team, they just soaked the experience in.

Meanwhile, Kelly and Kate had what they described as “Best. Day. Ever,” completing the scooter challenge in second place and devouring the bugs, bat and pulsating coconut worms with aplomb. Their Asian heritage served the girls well both with the insects—they both revealed they eat stuff like that all the time—and especially with the V-Pop Detour: they converted the karaoke lyrics to Chinese to help learn Vietnamese and charged through the challenge on their first try. It was a stunning Leg for the two friends, who landed in front of Jon Montgomery in first place.

The success of Kate and Kelly, Rita and Yvette, Julie and Lowell and mother-daughter team Frankie and Amy proved this may be one of the most equally-matched casts The Amazing Race Canada has ever put together and—as usual—appearances can be deceiving. Franke and Amy placed fourth for the Leg and scored the other Express Pass from Steph and Kristen, immediately giving them an advantage in the coming weeks.

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Here’s how the teams finished up this Leg:

  1. Kelly and Kate (won trip for two to Los Angeles)
  2. Steph and Kristen
  3. Rita and Yvette
  4. Frankie and Amy (receive Express Pass)
  5. Joel and Ashley
  6. Julie and Lowell
  7. Jillian and Emmett
  8. Anne and Tanya (eliminated)

The Amazing Race Canada airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CTV.


2 thoughts on “Best day ever on The Amazing Race Canada”

  1. Bugs and karaoke, oh no!

    It took Joel and Ashley plus Jillian and Emmet about 60 tries each to do the bar thing. That’s quite an upset! One bad task or taxi driver and you’re done!

    I was wondering if Steph and Kristen wold get a penalty for not handing the other Express Pass over by ‘the end’ of their leg but no, this was our first penalty-free leg of the season! Must have been awkward for them to give it to Frankie & Amy right in front of Joel & Ashley but outside of U-Turns their is no strategic game where this could bite them.

    So Kelly and Kate can eat bugs a bat and a live maggot but are scared of birds and toads….well OK then.

    Anne & Tanya gave it a heck of a try. I knew it was along-shot but I felt a flicker of excitement they got to the bar with Emmett & Jillian still there. And they did the cocktails in only about 30 tries too! Better then the others.

    We only have 10 teams this year, are they cutting down on the number of episodes/legs? Usually they do 4 internationally but with these cuts is two Vietnam legs all we get?

  2. Anne & Tanya lost the leg when they finished last the previous leg. Not often that the kick-off order makes a big difference, but it certainly did this time. I would’ve liked it if they managed to knock off Emmett & Jillian. They may be Bluenosers, but those two annoy me a lot.

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