CBC original movie Unclaimed airs Saturday, July 23

From a media release:

Drawn from Stevie Cameron’s national bestseller, On The Farm, comes UNCLAIMED. The two-hour original movie is a fictional recreation of the events surrounding and leading up to the arrest of Robert ‘Willie’ Pickton, told from the perspective of the women of Vancouver’s notorious Downtown East Side.

The story follows Nikki Taylor (Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers), a quick-witted and spirited single mother who works the streets and becomes aware that an alarming number of sex workers in the area continue to go missing. Nikki alerts local police officer Sinead McLeod (Sara Canning), who begins working to raise flags with her superiors about the matter. While the two work to bring attention to the issue, they must fight against societal and systematic indifference which causes the case to be ignored.

McLeod quickly finds herself caught between the politics of her department and the desire to follow her instincts when the women continue rapidly to disappear. Following a public outcry, tensions increase and law enforcement finally makes its move and pairs McLeod with Sergeant Keeley (Patrick Gallagher), who is still haunted by an unsolved Jane Doe case. Fighting an uphill battle, Officers McLeod and Keeley find their strongest allies in Nikki and social worker Elaine (Sarah Strange), and together they begin their desperate hunt for a serial killer and to bring justice for the victims and their families.

Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers as “Nikki Taylor,” Sara Canning as “Constable Sinead McLeod,” Patrick Gallagher as “Sergeant Jeff Keeley,” Sarah Strange as “Elaine Brooks,” Olivia Steele Falconer as “Tara Richards.”

Rupert Harvey, Executive Producer; Rachel Talalay, Director; Dennis Foon, Writer


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  1. Superior television. It wasn’t without problems, but Unclaimed was brave and necessary and skilled.

    Only our public broadcaster could make this story that needs to be told.

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