Jessi Cruickshank and Steven Sabados team up for CBC’s The Goods

From a media release:

CBC today announced two additional hosts for its new one-hour daytime program, THE GOODS. Host and author Andrea Bain and chef Shahir Massoud join previously announced hosts Jessi Cruickshank and Steven Sabados to form the complete team. Shot live-to-tape in front of a studio audience, THE GOODS will air weekday afternoons at 2 p.m. (2:30 NT) beginning October 3 on CBC.

Every weekday, THE GOODS will deliver all the inspiration and information Canadians need in one jam-packed and entertaining hour of daily television. Each of the four hosts brings their own authentic point of view and passion to the show - style and fashion for Cruickshank; home and design for Sabados; relationships and wellness for Bain; and food for Massoud – that combined will make THE GOODS the ultimate afternoon destination for audiences across Canada.

Meet THE GOODS team:

Andrea Bain, @AndreaMBain
Andrea Bain has hosted a number of national lifestyle shows on HGTV and SLICE and appeared regularly as a relationship specialist on various Canadian daytime programs. Most recently, Bain has used her relationship expertise to pen her first book, Single Girl Problems, which will be published later this year. After graduating with a BA in Sociology from York University and a diploma in Broadcast Journalism from Humber College, Bain began her television career in a Toronto newsroom. She worked behind the scenes as a producer and, shortly after, landed her first reporting job. After some encouragement from her peers, Bain decided to step in front of the camera full time and became an entertainment correspondent for the Los Angeles-based TV station Reelzchannel, where she interviewed such notable names as Oprah, Brad Pitt and Martin Scorsese.

Shahir Massoud, @chefshahir
After graduating from York University’s Schulich School of Business, Shahir Massoud decided to pursue his true passion and move to New York City to enroll in the famed French Culinary Institute. While in New York, he worked in the kitchens of Mario Batali (Lupa), Jean-Georges Vongerichten (The Mark Hotel) and Saveur magazine. Massoud has since moved on to become the Corporate Executive Chef at Levetto, overseeing multiple locations all over Ontario. Massoud has also made regular appearances on various Canadian morning and daytime programs including Cityline and Breakfast Television.

Jessi Cruickshank, @JESSI
One of Canada’s most beloved TV personalities, Jessi Cruickshank has been hailed as “one of the funniest women on TV today, period” by The Province. Cruickshank is the host of CBC’s Canada’s Smartest Person, returning for Season 3 in the fall. Her self-deprecating humour, irreverent interview style and eclectic flair for fashion have made her a fan favourite. Cruickshank grew up in Vancouver, where she broke into comedy as the only girl in an all-male improv troupe alongside Seth Rogen. She soon became a household name as the face of MTV Canada, hosting the daily comedy show MTV Live and smash hit The Hills After Show, which generated record-breaking ratings in Canada and the United States. She went on to star in the nightly talk-show The After Show, and has since hosted Live from E!, Jerseylicious, Jessi Cruickshank’s Real Hollywood Survival Guide and Olympic Morning. She has also travelled the world as the Canadian Ambassador for Free The Children. Cruickshank splits her time between Toronto and Los Angeles, where she can be seen on Oh Sit!, Kirstie, The Odd Couple and as the L.A. correspondent for etalk.

Steven Sabados, @stevenandchris
Known in Canada and around the world as a pioneer of design television, designer Steven Sabados is one of Canada’s most adored and respected celebrities. Raised in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Sabados was born with a passion for the arts and found avenues of expression in painting, photography, architecture and fashion. After completing an education in Fine Art, Sabados moved to Toronto, where he excelled as the in-store Creative Director for some of Canada’s most successful retail brands including Eaton’s and Roots. In 1992, Sabados and partner Christopher Hyndman formed independent design firm The Sabados Group. After appearing on a variety of daytime shows, it wasn’t long before the charming and creative Sabados and the dynamic and fun-loving Hyndman were offered their own show. The smash hit Designer Guys debuted in 2001 followed by Design Rivals and So Chic with Steven and Chris. In the fall of 2008, CBC launched Steven and Chris. The highly successful daytime show was the first of its kind in Canada and quickly became a national sensation.


10 thoughts on “Jessi Cruickshank and Steven Sabados team up for CBC’s The Goods”

  1. Get rid of the annoying red head..I don’t watch Canada’s smartest person for the same reason..annoying!
    Great to see you back Steven, if you could get a word in.

  2. I was very excited about seeing Steven Sabados back on the air! LOVE THE GUY! WISH HIM THE BEST!
    However, I’m sorry to say that I will not be watching the show as his co-host the red haired girl with skinny arms flaying about really gets on my nerves; who is doing her make-up? the Halloween fairy?
    Sure would like to see a more classy co-host working with our great lovable Steven….

  3. I am so happy to see Steven Sabados back on television. Andrea Bain and Shahir Massoud, each in their own way, complement well Steven’s elegant and intelligent style. Hopefully with time, Jesse Cruickshank will feel less challenged and will find her ‘cruising speed’ to match with the others. Unless Miss Cruickshank’s role is to attract and entertain a more ‘light headed’ audience then congratulations to CBC on selecting Miss Cruickshank. Personally I feel that the audience is being dumb down to his most common denominator. As well, the audience is often cued to ‘clap and laugh’ by the ‘animateur de foule’. Why? Let the audience react authentically at least 60% of the time. Just my opinion.

  4. It’s great to see Steven back. I so totally agree with 90% of the previous comments. Get rid of the red head, attention grabbing littke girl. She’s bringong nothing to the show except “look at me”. Adrian is twice the host that she is.
    Steven go back to what you so we’ll.

  5. I have tried to watch the show on several occasions. The redhead is extremely annoying. Don’t like the show at all. Will not be watching!

  6. Glad to see Steven back, but please get rid of Jessi Cruickshank, the red head.
    Inappropriate dress and behaviour for daytime TV.
    Won’t be watching, can’t stand her. Rest of the cast amazing. What a shame.

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