Motive readies for its final goodbye

This is it, Motive fans. The penultimate episode is upon us. It’s been one hell of a ride, hasn’t it? We’ve loved this four-season peek into the lives of Angie Flynn, Oscar Vega, Betty Rogers and Brian Lucas. They’ve solved crimes, faced adversity and enjoyed copious adult beverages together. But before the final farewell—will Angie move to Paris?—we’ve still got this week’s story to cover.

Here’s what CTV has to say about “Chronology of Pain”:

When Detective Angie Flynn (Kristin Lehman) and the team investigate an explosion at Judge Natalie Rodman’s (Joanna Cassidy, CALL ME FITZ) home, Angie is grateful her mentor survived. But when the Judge dies a short while later, Angie races to catch a sophisticated killer who’s an expert at covering their tracks—and may strike again.

And here’s what we can tell you after previewing the episode, written by Julie Puckrin:


Angie as … staff sergeant?
She may be a fill-in for now and says she’s not interested in the gig, but is Angie telling the truth? Her thoughts on her years as a detective, and possible next steps, are challenged when Judge Rodman is found dead.

Kennecki returns!
We’ve certainly missed the wise-cracked, over-confident cop, haven’t you? Thankfully, we get a dose of Det. Mitch when Angie investigates the incident at the judge’s house. The two have a nice little tête-à-tête that hints Angie could be one heck of a mentor.

A.J. Buckley returns to TV!
Oh, how we’ve missed Buckley on Canadian TV. The former CSI: NY forensics expert checks in to Motive as a car mechanic who is key to the case.

Motive gets vice-presidential
OK, he played a vice president on The West Wing, but we were giddy to see Tim Matheson guesting as Brent, the judge’s husband. Sure, he seems worried about his wife’s well-being, but did he have reason to off her?

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Motive‘s series finale airs next Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on CTV.

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5 thoughts on “Motive readies for its final goodbye”

  1. I will miss Angie. Kristen’s portrayal of her displays her amazing talent. I hope she gets a nom for a CSA again this year.

  2. I will miss Angie, Vega and Lucas most of all. You don’t see that type of witty banter and professionalism ( they feel the need to “bust heads” to get their point accross) and I particularly enjoy the fact that the leads aren’t all sleeping together ( ok, Betty and Oscar being the exception), but I find it a more classy show than some of the contrived tripe you find on other (mostly American) shows.
    Here’s to hoping we see the actors again on tv, on longer running Canadian shows. Thank you all for being so enternaining!

  3. Having only started watching Motive this season (and enjoying catching up with past episode reruns on Bravo), I will most definitely miss the character interplay between Angie, Oscar, Betty & Brian, as well as the unique premise of showing us the victim & killer right at the outset and then seeing how it all connects via the flashbacks and throughout the investigation.

  4. Bell Media, ABC & Lark Productions are making a mistake by cancelling Motive after four spectacular seasons of Canadian television viewing. The show was unique from the beginning. The writing is excellent along with the acting talents of Kristen Lehman, Louis Ferreria, Brendan Penny and Lauren Holly. I am bothered that this Canadian production has a shelf life of four seasons but is being cancelled with a record of good ratings whereas another American crime procedure drama that appears on the CTV network is 18 seasons old and is still running. I firmly believe there are still a lot more “Motives” to write about. I will sorely miss Motive.

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