The Amazing Race Canada blows a gasket in Havana

It took eight legs of The Amazing Race Canada for Jillian and Emmett to figure it out, but better is late than never. The former Big Brother Canada duo realized on Tuesday in Havana, Cuba, that encouraging their teammate is crucially important, and it netted the pair their third leg win of the season.

What’s become a common sight almost every week is a head-to-head battle between Steph and Kristen and Jillian and Emmett. The teams have gone back and forth, commanding all but two legs, and Tuesday’s new episode was no different. But frustration between Steph and Kristen during the Face-Off beach volleyball test led to Jill and Emmett winning—while cheering each other on—and steaming through the rest of the challenges with nary a waver. Steph, still hurting physically after cutting her finger with a machete while crushing sugar cane, lashed out at Kristen on the beach, revealing cracks in their game plan. They pulled it together during their second match between Rita and Yvette, and never really looked back.


The trip to Cuba offered a nice mix of challenge, from the physicality of sugar cane crushing and salsa dancing to noting the location of Ernest Hemingway’s hotel room, from beach volleyball to making engine gaskets. The result was a truly entertaining episode showcasing the strength of individuals.

The Amazing Race Canada is a fickle beast, able to lift and crush spirits in a moment. Want proof? Look no further than Frankie and Amy, who were dispirited after the beach volleyball loss and downright frustrated making gaskets. Frankie seemed to be a second away from throwing down her tools and walking away. Then, suddenly, she realized what she’d done wrong and—according to the edit—completed all three gaskets in quick succession and they tore off to the Pit Stop.

Fortunately for Rita and Yvette, the leg was a non-elimination (something I should have realized since the season finale is still a few weeks away), and the sisters will encounter an extra challenge in Cape Breton next week.

Here’s how the teams finished this leg of the Race:

  1. Jillian and Emmett (win trip for two to Cancun)
  2. Joel and Ashley
  3. Steph and Kristen
  4. Frankie and Amy
  5. Rita and Yvette (non-elimination)

The Amazing Race Canada airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CTV.