Motive says goodbye

This is it, Motive fans. The last episode. The final crime. And what a way to go out. As showrunner Dennis Heaton told us back in March, the finale idea was to “err on the side of cool,” and we certainly get that. But viewers get much, much more. The relationships between Angie, Oscar, Lucas and Betty are celebrated, a partnership that for the most part went on long before we tuned into their world.

Now it’s coming to an end with “We’ll Always Have Homicide,” which CTV teases with:

In the series finale, Detective Angie Flynn (Kristin Lehman) brings an unsolved homicide case to justice. She searches for the killer with help from Detectives Paula Mazur (Karen LeBlanc), Mitch Kennecki (Victor Zinck Jr., THE 100), Brian Lucas (Brendan Penny), Dr. Betty Rogers (Lauren Holly), and Oscar Vega (Louis Ferriera).

After watching a screener, we can offer up a few more tidbits of the instalment, written by Sarah Dodd and Dennis Heaton.

The one that got away
Yes, the series finale revisits the murder of Judge Rodman and the fact the killer got away was never far from Angie’s mind, even if she is nabbing bad guys in Paris. As Oscar told Angie last week, there’s no statute of limitations on murder. That’s good because, three years later, we catch up with the team in Vancouver. Of course, they haven’t been mulling over the Rodman case all that time, but it certainly has ties to the death Mazur and Kennecki are currently investigating. Yup, Kennecki is back on homicide.

“The craziest f–king murder weapon we’ve ever used.”
Dennis Heaton wasn’t kidding when he told us about the series finale’s murder weapon.

Lucas is working Internal Investigations
That’s no surprise—it was revealed he was heading that way last week—but we do get a peek into Lucas’ personal life … and who he married.

Vega has an offer for Angie
Angie’s up for a renewal of her secondment in Paris, but will she choose her old partner over The City of Light? It’s so great to see the pair reunited, sharing a laugh and a smile. Their relationship is deep and intimate without being sexual and we love them for it. Their final scene is perfect.

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3 thoughts on “Motive says goodbye”

  1. Such a shame that a great show has to end– Well, I can only hope it’s replaced by another great Canadian show! God knows there’s not enough of ‘our’ stuff– and too much of everybody else’s!

  2. One of the best, if not the best , truly Canadian series is ending . The unusual twist of victim/ killer made this dramatic very intriguing !
    Kudos to the crew and cast got an outstanding run! Sorry to see you go!

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