Highway Thru Hell returns for Season 5

Just like the kids going back to school, September has become the month Highway Thru Hell returns for a new season on Discovery. Still one of the highest-rated series on the specialty channel, Jamie Davis and his crew—and some competitors—hit the icy roads for Season 5.

Returning on Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET, you know what you’re going to get with 13 episodes of Highway Thru Hell: cars and tractor trailers sliding around asphalt and colourful tow truck drivers pulling them out and cleaning up the mess. It takes all of two seconds after the opening credits for Highway Thru Hell to get down to business as truckers are stranded on the Smasher on The Coquihalla highway and request help.

It’s the first storm of the season, and as Al Quiring and Gord Boyd of Quiring Towing explain, it takes that initial dumping to remind everyone how treacherous the highway is in the winter. It doesn’t take long for Al and Gord to turn grumpy, the former over “snow socks” and the latter because of a rookie driver who can’t seem steer straight.

Images courtesy of Bell Media.

For Jamie Davis, this season is all about changes. In a bid to downsize because of the changing economy, Davis sold the most prized truck in the fleet and aims to spend more time on the road rather than managing people. But will business suffer even more with him away from the office? His first call in Episode 1 is to a truck fire that’s still burning when he arrives and Jamie makes a bold decision to clean up the mess … with help from a familiar face.

Meanwhile, on the other side of Hope, B.C., Jordie Duperon of Mission Towing is called to the scene of a van half-submerged in a river. Along with his brother, Nik, the fourth-generation tow truck drivers want to prove they’ve got the stuff to make their grandfather proud.

Visually, Great Pacific TV’s Highway Thru Hell remains stunning, especially in HD. Davis’ trucks pop against the swirling, snowy backdrop and cameras mounted on drones offer a whole new dimension to filming as they swoop over collision scenes.

Also this season? Viewers get a sneak peek at the Highway Thru Hell spinoff, Heavy Rescue: 401, which focuses on the challenges faced by those tasked with keeping Ontario’s 400 series highways safe.

Highway Thru Hell airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery.


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