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From Craig Takeuchi of The Georgia Strait:

Vancouver’s Andrea Bang hopes Kim’s Convenience helps boost Asian Canadian representation
“I didn’t see people like me on screen so I wanted to be a part of that conversation. The fact that a show like Kim’s Convenience is coming out and it has real characters, fully fleshed out people, not people who just come on and say like, ‘Hey, how’s it going?’ and then leave—they actually have a backstory and a future story.” Continue reading.

From Aaron Chatha of Metro News:

Kim’s Convenience and having minorities on TV
On Tuesday, CBC premieres Kim’s Convenience, and having seen the first three episodes, I’m hoping it’s the first show in a long time that my whole family will sit together and enjoy. Continue reading.

From Simon Houpt of The Globe and Mail:

Link: Ivan Fecan: The producer bringing popular play Kim’s Convenience to TV
“I was blown away by the play in rehearsal,” said Fecan. He, Schultz and Ins Choi, a first-time Korean-Canadian playwright who mined his extended family’s story for the play, went to lunch. Over burgers and salads, Fecan told Choi about his parents, Ukrainian refugees who had arrived separately in Toronto in the early 1950s and worked long and gruelling blue-collar hours: his mother washing dishes in the Sears cafeteria, his father sweeping the city streets. Continue reading.

From John Doyle of The Globe and Mail:

CBC’s big week starts with the excellent Kim’s Convenience
Heartily recommended, Kim’s Convenience is a clever, generally engaging screwball comedy with an eye on entertainment – and not much else, thankfully. Continue reading. 



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