Airport: Below Zero is set for takeoff on History

From a media release:

Airport: Below Zero, a thrilling new documentary series from Our House Media, in association with Corus Entertainment, reveals the intricate and intense balancing act required to keep operations running smoothly at Edmonton International Airport, Canada’s most northerly major airport. Shot entirely at the ‘Gateway to the North’, this 10 x 60 series follows airport and airline staff as they work 24/7 to ensure a steady and safe stream of take offs and landings, while battling blizzards, medical emergencies, diverted planes, missing passengers, and even a snowy owl. Airport: Below Zero airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT, beginning October 5 on HISTORY.

Edmonton International Airport is the fastest growing and most northerly major airport in all of Canada. Each and every day it faces challenges from extreme temperatures to medical emergencies, but one thing is constant – this airport NEVER closes. With total access to the airport and a compelling cast of characters, Airport: Below Zero witnesses Fort McMurray wildfire evacuees, the arrival of heavy metal band Iron Maiden’s jumbo jet, and the snowstorm of the year that would shut down any normal airport. In each episode, firefighters, paramedics, snow removal teams, ticket agents, and cargo handlers perform a complex balancing act where the perils of operating at 53 degrees north latitude constantly threaten to disrupt a never-ending stream of take offs and landings.

Airport: Below Zero is produced by Our House Media, in association with Corus Entertainment. Executive Producers are Simon Lloyd and Joe Houlihan; Series Producer is Marshall Jay Kaplan. Jane Lloyd is VP of Production and Samantha De France is VP of Business & Corporate Affairs.


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  1. felt so sorry about son and mom wanting to fly to see dying grandmother , but kid seems to think its everyone problem NOT HIS THAT HE DIDNT UPDATE PASSPORT , YOUR FAULT , TAKE OWNERSHIP OF THE PROBLEM , YOUR ONE JOB WHEN YOU TRAVEL IS MAKE SURE THINGS R UPDATED , GLAD I DIDNT HAVE TO DEAL WITH YOU , I go out of my way to help and you treat others like shit for your own stupidity ….most people have reminders about important things , look into to that , do blame people for your fuck up , be a man and not blame our country ,
    ps , I really hope your mother got to see her mother ,

  2. Just had my first chance to watch this show (episode 2 in this case). Good show, typical reality formula but being a bit of an airplane/airport geek, this show is somewhat of an interest to me. However, I noticed a couple of anomalies in the production in regards to some inaccuracies which calls into question the validity of the show. There was a glaring error where the subtitles misquoted Ground Traffic Control. Also, a certain type of aircraft was completely misidentified. These errors should not be happening if the show is going to be totally believable.
    Other than that, I’m actually liking the show. Good characters and a good view into the operation of a major Canadian airport.

    1. Glad you’re liking the show, but bummed there are factual errors. I’ll pass along your note because I’m sure the producers want to get everything right.

  3. I would have liked to see an update on travellers in each episode (especially those that had medical emergencies).

  4. Just wondering why all he airlines are not on the show, it seems it’s all about air canada
    i no for a fact that west jet did a lot for the fort McMurray people I don’t see anything on the that
    Is this show fact or fiction or is all about air canada

    1. Watched the Series for the first time join Wed. Evening Nov. 23. Was enjoyed tremendously. What made it even better
      was being some one on there that we have know for 25 years. Doug Henderson and one of our sons went to school
      together and Doug was part of our son’s wedding Party in 1992. Will continue watching this Series.

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