Links: CBC’s Road to Mercy on Firsthand

From John Doyle of The Globe and Mail:

Link: Road to Mercy is a rumination on assisted death
Road to Mercy (CBC, 9 p.m. Thursday, on FirstHand) is presented as a film that “documents Canada’s journey into the furthest ethical frontier – a place where doctors are allowed to take a life and where society must decide on the circumstances under which they can.”

But it is really a rumination on the issue, rather than a chronicle of what is happening. As such, it is very powerful, provocative and philosophical. Continue reading.

From Sheryl Ubelacker of The Canadian Press:

Link: CBC’s Road to Mercy explores ethical frontiers of doctor-assisted death
Earlier this year, Canadians were given the legal right to seek a doctor-assisted death, but restrictions in the law governing who can access the act and under what circumstances have continued to fuel debate about this still-contentious issue.

Road to Mercy, a one-hour documentary airing Thursday on CBC-TV, explores the ethical questions surrounding physician-aided dying through the eyes of an Edmonton man with ALS, a young Belgium woman struggling with mental illness, and their families and doctors. Continue reading.