This Life 202

This Life’s “Perfect Day” brings adventure … and surprises

Natalie may have started experiencing side effects from her cancer drug in This Life‘s Season 2 premiere, but she’s feeling energetic enough for an adventurous day out in Sunday’s new episode, “Perfect Day.” Meanwhile, Maggie gathers the family for a housewarming party that takes a surprising turn, and Matthew’s plans to take Abby out for the day hit a snag.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming.

Natalie and her friend, Tia, put the “fun” in funeral
Don’t ask. Just enjoy.

Maggie is full of surprises
Last week, Maggie moved into Raza’s apartment to save money. However, her housewarming party is not quite what her family expected—especially her mother.

Emma’s encounter with David puts Matthew on the warpath
David tries to win over Emma, angering Matthew and setting up a confrontation where big truths are revealed. Tip of the cap to Rick Roberts and Louis Ferreira for their nuanced portrayals of two men on the outside of their families looking for a way back in.

Romy follows up with Oliver
Romy continues to make plans for her future without Natalie, but can Oliver step up the way she wants? This Life showrunner Joseph Kay teased that Oliver would have a bigger storyline in Season 2. Let’s hope it involves a lot of uncle-niece bonding with Romy, because Kristopher Turner and Julia Scarlett Dan are consistently great in their scenes together.

The cat Natalie found is sticking around
And he gets a name.

Kudos to This Life‘s focus on Montreal musicians
This Life‘s music is a series highlight. Not only is Monogrenade’s “Ce soir” perfectly placed in this episode, but it’s landed on the top of my Spotify playlist. Great work by music supervisor Delphine Measroch, Joseph Kay, et al.

This Life airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on CBC.

Image courtesy of CBC.