The Romeo Section advances the plot in Episode 2

Last week, I wrote that I’d enjoyed Episode 1 of The Romeo Section as it headed into Season 2 and I was going to tune in for at least one more episode. I checked out Wednesday’s new instalment and can honestly say I’ve been hooked.

Maybe it’s because I was buried under a deluge of new and returning fall television shows last season—a good problem to have when you’re running a website that covers the genre exclusively—maybe I just wasn’t ready for it, or maybe I’m just liking the angle Chris Haddock has taken in the sophomore season. Whatever it is, I’m all in, especially when it comes to Wolfgang and Norman.

“The Legwork” continued the odd couple’s investigation into the thwarted terror attack at the baseball stadium. Norman’s paranoia and suspicion into anything connected with the case was a nice juxtaposition with Wolfgang, who stressed coincidences do occur. But as the pair interviewed several people associated with the case—the homicide cop who was first on-scene, the coroner who was stopped from analyzing Mustafa’s body, the security guard who shot him in the street—it became clear this wasn’t an open and shut case. City cops giving way to the RCMP is one thing, but the RCMP being pushed out for another federal group? Something is definitely going on, and it may involve folks with high standing in the government. Norman considers it dangerous enough to tear the notes he’d made out of his book and think about what to do with them. Again, I’m all in on these two and their partnership. I couldn’t wait to see who they were going to talk to next and what thoughts they’d have once they did.

Lily has made her next chess move. She’s working her way into Mr. Sproule’s life—a glass of wine in a safe house will do that—and he’s promised a cushy position for her once his promotion goes through. His one condition, to stop communicating with Bill, puts Lily in a tight spot and I can’t help but think she’s going to be a plaything for both men. After this week’s tease, I want to see more.

Rufus’ story, meanwhile, has gotten a lot more enjoyable. Now that Benny is dead, Rufus quickly moved to fill the hole and took over drug running. This, of course, gives him the chance to move a lot more product and keep the movie funded. I like it when Rufus is a man of action rather than spouting clichés, and what’s going on now is great. The only plot I don’t enjoy at this point are the movie scenes being filmed that introduce the drug money plot. It may end up being important later on—scratch that, I know it will—but at this point it’s an unnecessary distraction.

The Romeo Section airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on CBC.

Image courtesy of CBC.