Bachelorette Canada preps for hometown visits with tearjerker in Morocco

In the last week before hometown dates, the final five bachelors laid it all on the line for Jasmine as The Bachelorette Canada heads toward the finish line.

Kevin P. didn’t waste any time on his first-ever one-on-one date with Jasmine in Morocco, ironically discussing the rocky relationship he has with his mother after the pair successfully climbed a rock face. After hearing Drew’s patter for six weeks, it was refreshing to listen to Kevin and Jasmine be brutally honest with each other and come to the same conclusion: he wasn’t for her. Where Kevin wants to live a transient lifestyle full of excitement, Jasmine is ready to settle down and I totally respected both of them for talking so openly on primetime television.


Host Noah Cappe got some major screen time in Tuesday’s episode as he met with Jasmine to discover where her head was at prior to the group date with Mike, Mikhel and Benoit. Jasmine had already experienced a stunning one-on-one with Kevin W. that included milking cows, making bread and Kevin looking like Aladdin on steroids and cemented their strong feelings for each other. By the time she was done chatting with Noah, Jasmine had made her decision: she nixed the market group date in favour of meeting with each one on one to ask more questions before the roses were handed out.

Of the three conversations, Benoit’s was a bit stilted. That was, in part, due to Mike showing up but also because, for the first time, Benoit got serious with Jasmine about his feelings. They managed to get some more alone time, and it was then Benoit dropped the funny guy routine and told Jasmine he wasn’t willing to reveal his family to her unless she was really serious about them being a couple. Jasmine decided she didn’t want to jeopardize that and Benoit was sent back to La belle province.

Do you think Jasmine was right to send Benoit home? Who do you think she’ll end up with in the finale? Comment below.

The Bachelorette Canada airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on W Network.

Images courtesy of Corus.