Omni’s Blood and Water is back with new episodes … and brighter days?

Wait, what’s this we spot? Is that really Det. Jo Bradley (Steph Song) smiling in the above photo? She certainly didn’t have a lot to be jovial about by the end of Blood and Water‘s first block of eight episodes. After all, two dead Xie sons and a cancer scare isn’t the stuff of good times. So, why is Jo grinning when Blood and Water returns to Omni on Sunday?

“Jo is a lot freer in these episodes,” Song says during a break in filming. “We find Jo one year cancer-free, so she’s feeling good about life and has faced down that demon and is perhaps more liberated. She’s coming back to work and has a new partner and is maybe a little attracted to him. We get to see a different side to Jo Bradley.”

She’s still a razor-sharp detective, something Jo draws on during an all-new murder case involving the Xie’s. Gone is Peter Outerbridge’s Det. Al Gorski, replaced by Det. Evan Ong (Bryon Mann); he and Jo are drawn into Ron Zie’s (Oscar Hsu) world when a murdered woman tied to the late Charlie Xie turns the spotlight back on the beleaguered family, who are fighting to keep control of their business as interested buyers circle.


Along for the adventure is returning cast Elfina Luk, Fiona Fu and Loretta Yu; Aidan Devine checks in not only as Jo’s boss but the third part of a love triangle. Awkward.

Once again presented in English, Mandarin and Cantonese, Blood and Water, executive producer Diane Boehme says the second block of episodes explores ghosts and what haunts you; regret and wrong decisions are experienced by the characters. For Ron Xie, it’s the family secret he tried to keep hidden that, ultimately, blew up in his face. Daughter Anna (Luk) has left town and, perhaps, found love. As for Jo? Boehme teases that she begins to receive mysterious letters written in Chinese. As they’re translated, Jo realizes they’re from her biological family, who want to connect with her. Jo, rightly so, is conflicted.

“All that stuff comes out for her,” Boehme says. “The regret of what she might have been.”

Blood and Water airs Sundays at 10:30 p.m. ET on Omni.

Images courtesy of Rogers Media.