This Life 206: The Lawsons conduct an “Intervention”

This Life

shook things up last week as Natalie received positive scan results, offering her a glimmer of hope after living with the certainty of death for a season and a half. While that news is wonderful, it’s also disorienting, and Sundays’s new episode, “Intervention,” finds Natalie struggling to accept that she may have a future. Elsewhere, Maggie convinces her siblings that Oliver needs help, and Emma’s attempts to impress Miranda lead to trouble.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come.

What’s going on with Oliver?
Natalie’s illness has allowed Oliver to hide his problems, but we finally learn more about his issues this week.

Oliver’s not the only one
While attempting to help their brother, Natalie, Maggie and Matthew have some of their own vulnerabilities exposed. Enjoy a brilliant scene between Kristopher Turner, Torri Higginson, Lauren Lee Smith and Rick Roberts in Oliver’s studio.

The kids are alright
As the adults try to put their lives back together, Emma, Romy, and Caleb enjoy a bonding moment.

Natalie talks with David about his plans for the kids…
…with surprising results.

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Images courtesy of CBC.