The team is in deep trouble on Travelers

Things don’t look good for our travellers. Not at all. While one image from Monday’s episode, “Room 101,” shows MacLaren on a rooftop with a helicopter overhead, the other is far darker and scary: his team is caged, strapped to chairs and hooked up to IVs of some sort. Is it fallout from the face-off our team had with Hall? Is Hall getting revenge for his arrest?

Here’s the official episode synopsis from Showcase:

MacLaren is on his own as he fights to unravel the mystery of his team’s sudden disappearance.

Here are a few more plot points heading into Monday night.


That opening scene…
We were blown away with Brad Wright’s way of introducing the travellers in Episode 1, but he outdoes himself tonight, as three new folks arrive in 2016 in a unique way. Their arrival also caused us to pause and ponder the instance surrounding their deaths in the first place … and that travelling is still imperfect.

…is nothing compared to the second before the main credits
With just four minutes elapsed, the reason MacLaren is solo and how his team became separated from him is established.

Trevor still has his sense of humour
The quartet may not know what’s going on, but that doesn’t stop Trevor from cracking wise about catheters.

Forbes is catching on
You can only miss so many court dates before your partner starts asking questions, and that’s the case with MacLaren. I wondered how he’d be able to juggle his FBI gig with the missions and the short answer is, he can’t.

This time is full of very bad people
Hall may or may not be involved in what happens to Carly, Marcy, Trevor or Philip, but “Room 101” does reveal a shady someone or group is interested in the travellers. And they know a lot. Who, exactly, are they? We’re not sure, but through them we’re given some key insight into what the world the travellers left looked like.

Travelers airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showcase.

Images courtesy of Corus.