Shoot the Messenger goes boom

The last couple of episodes of Shoot the Messenger have been slow burns as momentum has worked up through dramatic tension to the inevitable explosive finale. Hassan has been trying to control the situation around the cell phone while Daisy, Simon and Lutz have dug for more information on Harry while the noose around Lawson tightened.

Monday’s newest, “News Travels Fast” by Ian Barr and directed by Gary Harvey, set off two explosive charges on the storylines.

In the first, Hassan has apparently tumbled off the Scarborough Bluffs, possibly to his death. After thwarting all attempts Phil Hardcastle has made to this point, it looks like his luck has run out. He’d secured $50,000 from Daisy and a rival newspaper for the video of Khaalid and Sam, but chose to gloat next to the cliffs. It would appear Phil finally found him. But I have my suspicions that Hassan is OK; folks are pulled from the Bluffs by emergency services all the time and Lutz is down on the beach so it makes sense he’ll be all right.

Not so OK? Sam Charles. Daisy tossed a verbal grenade into his lap by outright questioning his relationship with Khaalid. I have no idea how Sam is going to answer it—that will come next week—but I’m sure it will further estrange the Channing sisters. Not that they were doing all that well relationship-wise. Though their birthday dinner with Henry did have a precious few feel-good moments, it was marred by bitterness and old emotions.

And, unfortunately, emotions got the better of Lutz and Daisy, who went from a quick makeout scene in his car following the dead-end that was Harry to slow bout of lovemaking back at his place. I couldn’t help but giggle inappropriately at Harvey’s choice of visuals while Lutz and Daisy romped: tools screwed bugs into Lawson’s office and were inserted into his car. Sometimes, the symbolism is obvious.

Shoot the Messenger airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on CBC.